Astroworld debacle could have easily been avoided

By Leonardo Cervantes

Travis Scott hosted his annual Astroworld Festival when a disaster struck that left hundreds in disarray and ten dead. Concert-goers’ deaths could have been avoided and Scott is not the only one to blame.
Many parties are equally to blame for that night’s events.
Scott is one of the most recognizable artists globally and has built an enormous following, especially among teenagers and young adults.
On that morning, a huge crowd broke into the venue way before the event started, creating chaos right from the beginning.
This chaos only continued as the night went on. City officials restricted attendance to only 50,000 guests.
When Scott began performing, the crowd lost its composure. The crowd started pushing each other to the front of the stage. People could hardly breathe due to the compression of space.
The pushing and shoving quickly escalated to people getting trampled and suffocating. This is what led to some of the casualties.
Fans noticed people dying and looked to security for help. Others ignored the people who were struggling and dying and, in turn, blocked security from reaching them.
If there were more barriers and security along with medical personnel, a lot of this could have been prevented.
What makes this situation tricky is the timing of it all. Around 9:30 p.m. is when police officers say they told concert organizers to shut the concert down, but they didn’t end it for another 40 minutes.
Scott seemed aware that something was happening while performing, but only he and the investigators knew.
“This is now a criminal investigation that’s going to involve our homicide division, as well as narcotics, and we’re going to get down to the bottom of it,” Troy Finner, Houston Police Department chief, said. Officials say 9:30 p.m. is when they gave orders to shut the event down. The majority of the blame should go to Scott’s management team and organizers, unless the investigation shows that Scott was aware of the multiple deaths. During this time, Scott continued performing for fans, keeping them entertained.
His team should have been the one to relay the message to him about the casualties. Children and adults are injured and ten people have been reported dead. Ezra Blount 9, John Hilgert 14, Brianna Rodriguez 16, Jacob E Jurinek 20, Axel Acosta 21, Franco Patino 21, Bharti Shahani 22, Madison Dubiski 23, Rudy Peña 23 and Danish Baig 27 all died at the event.
Multiple videos have gone viral of people in the crowd pleading with Travis to stop the show because people were dying.
Travis ultimately did nothing. Travis ignored the pleading fans in a packed arena with 50,000 people since he is used to thousands shouting his name while performing.
There was an eerie feeling; one girl got next to a cameraman and relayed the message that a fan was dead.
The cameraman simply ignored her and told her to get off the stage. Attendees said the incident likely injured many more people. The exact number of victims won’t be known for another couple of weeks.
In the following weeks, many other artists became extra cautious at concert venues.
Before the Playboi Carti concert, there was a message to the audience to call for help if anybody wasn’t feeling well. When SZA was performing, she noticed that a fan was looking sick and stopped her show to ask them if they were doing okay.
The unfortunate events at Astroworld might force safer concert environments to become the new norm.
After the incident, Scott’s only public statement has been a short video uploaded to his social media accounts about being sorry that it happened at his show.
The current lawsuit seeks up to $2 billion in damages from Scott, Drake, Apple Music, Live Nation and NRG Stadium.

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