Horror film features different sub-genres

By Leonardo Cervantes

Netflix’s “Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2” is a horror film  sequel based on survival. 

Bartosz M. Kowalski is a well known Polish director who directed this film as well as the prequel. 

The lead cast consisting of Adas Adamiec (Mateusz Wieclawek), Zosia Wolska (Julia Weiniawa-Narkiewicz), and Wanessa (Zofia Wichlacz) all play their roles exceptionally well.

The film envokes a mix of emotions. 

It’s a horror film and at the same time has comedic and love scenes. 

It truly delves into a multitude of themes more than other films, especially horror. 

There are a multitude of slashing scenes that happen throughout the film. 

Viewers should expect a ton of gore.

The opening scene is a bloody mess, as Adas does his best John Wick impersonation and massacres everybody attending a party.  

Although Adas dreamed this whole scenario, it’s a preview of the bloody massacres that are to happen. 

Adas is a rookie cop that has a quirky personality. 

He is often alone and not confrontational. 

Whenever he tries the hard cop routine he is quickly brushed aside. Even civilians don’t take him seriously. 

Ada’s partner Wanessa is the complete opposite of him. 

She is the confrontational type and has an irrational confidence in her abilities. 

She invites confrontation and isn’t afraid to break the rules whereas Adas always follows the letter of the law.

Zosia is able to shapeshift between a human being and a monster and tells Adas about how she turned into a monster.

“It was a piece of the moon that once fell from the sky. This elemental evil oozed from the rock and went inside me. And now it’s also inside you. That’s more or less what happened. Now we are the bad guys. We are monsters,” Zosia said.

The horror plot of the film is simple enough to follow but it contains a multitude of subplots. 

The film goes in interesting directions because it contains a lot of comedic scenes. 

Some of the comedic moments feel forced as they occurr in most scenes. 

The film has every type of death imaginable like electrocution, gun shots, stabbings and slashes. 

The monsters also cut humans hands, mouths, faces and cut bodies in half. 

Viewers with a weak stomach watching this film might not be the best idea.

The setting at the campfire has an eerie feeling and perhaps the best scene in the film. 

It is pitch black and Adas, Wanessa and humans are fighting for their lives against the monsters and are panicking on how to confront them.

If viewers have a problem with the film, it won’t be because of the cinematography because it was properly executed. 

The masks, props and makeup all felt authentic. 

In every death, viewers see intestines or body parts cut in half. 

The monster costumes are covered with bumps all over their body and burned markings.

 It looks so real that at times it is disturbing to look at.

To fully appreciate this film the audience should watch the prequel, as this is a direct sequel to that film. 

The sequel is much more violent than its predecessor.

The audience will see multiple bodies torn limb from limb, with intestines splattered all over the floor. It is truly a gore fest.

The prequel was a standard horror film while the sequel goes in a ton of different directions. 

Depending on the audience they will either enjoy it for being different and having a wide range of subplots or hate it.

The film is rated TV-MA, runs one hour and 36 minutes and is available to watch on Netflix and includes an English dub. 

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