LACCD housing plan gets Newsom’s rubber-stamp

By Breanna Fierro

CN/Erica Cortes

Bill SB-330 enables the LACCD to develop a new housing program for low-income students and staff members.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed bill SB-330 for the Los Angeles Community College District, developing a housing program made to help the student housing crisis.

SB-330 allows LACCD to lease areas within the district to other nonprofit organizations and private entities for expansion in housing. 

This bill is meant to help students who face troubles academically because of their living situations or homelessness. 

The bill requires that students be given priority for the available housing units.

SB-330 will help the LACCD to develop a new pilot program designed to work with students who are in need of affordable housing. 

The program will be specifically created for both low-income LACCD students and low-to-moderate income employees who are in need of affordable housing.

The bill requires that homeless students be given priority for the units that are available regardless of their current status.

“This creative and innovative bill provides LACCD another tool in the toolbox to enable the district to look at alternative models to provide safe, affordable housing for low-income students and staff,” LACCD Board President Steve Veres said.

As of last Tuesday current law prohibits LACCD from entering into any leases that are longer than five years. 

The law also prohibits the district from leasing properties for below fair market value except when certain circumstances are met.

SB 330 has a specific exception that allows the district to lease properties for less than the market value. 

This saves the developer money while still providing the district with the savings needed to meet its educational goals.

The bill requires that developers make sure that the shelters and housing projects they create are consistent with the needs of the community.

“As many as fifty-five percent of LACCD students currently experience housing insecurity, and nineteen percent experienced homelessness at some point during 2020. SB 330 creates an opportunity for the district to create a pilot program to develop affordable housing at or near a Los Angeles Community College,” Senator María Elena Durazo, author of SB 330 said.

The program will be discontinued on January 1, 2033, and the LACCD will have to submit its report to the Legislature by 2032 detailing its findings and recommendations.

“We appreciate the Governor’s commitment to closing the affordable housing gap for California’s neediest students and applaud Senator Durazo’s leadership and support for LACCD’s housing insecure students,” LACCD Chancellor, Francisco C. Rodriguez said.

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