‘Dexter: New Blood’ explains eight year long cliffhanger

By Breanna Fierro

The long awaited slasher series “Dexter: New Blood” helps restore the series with a luster fans everywhere have been desperately seeking for eight years.

The highly disappointing ending for “Dexter” season eight caused fans to push for a reboot.

 Lucky for them it happened, and it is not the least bit disappointing.

Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall. “Dexter: New Blood” is directed by Marcos Siega.

Dexter plays a cheerful local in small town Iron Lake, New York, after faking his death in Miami, Florida. 

He left behind his son Harrison and girlfriend Hanna Mckay, so he could have sought out a “normal” life without him being around.

Series namesake Dexter Morgan now lives in a remote town after the events of the series finale. 

Since arriving he has become a beloved member of the community.

 Morgan has not given into the urges of his “dark passenger.” 

He begins to question his decision when an old money local begins acting reckless around town.

The new series begins with Dexter adjusting to his new lifestyle in snowy New York away from his natural habitat. His home mostly consisted of life in the sun and driving around in his boat.

Dexter’s new dark passenger in his head is his sister Debra, played by Jennifer Carpenter. 

 He previously killed her in “Dexter” season eight, after pulling her plug.

 This happened after Deb became involved in one of Dexter’s missions and was shot, ultimately suffering from a stroke in the hospital.

He is now also very open to understanding that he is slightly insane. 

It is as if Dexter has finally come to terms with the fact that he has a voice in his head. 

This is his way of coping with the loss of his sister by keeping her as a conscience, instead of feeling guilty for her death. 

Having Debra as a second voice is the closest thing he has to not losing her.

Dexter tries hard to keep those around him at a distance, to protect them from being harmed, by himself and his mischief.

Although, he decides to ditch all the lying for one piece of truth in his life, one specific person.

It seems as if Dexter has finally fully come around to having a sense of empathy. 

Despite being the monster he claims to have been his whole life.

Since he hasn’t killed for ten years, when Dexter gives into his urges it causes him to plan and react to his kills sloppily.

Dexter feels antsy every time he’s around blood, and the town people get the sense that he is just queasy around it. 

Actually it excites his urges to kill that much more.

He continues to have ties with the police, not through working for the Miami Metro, but outside as a citizen acquainted with the department.

It seems as if random characters who were thought to have no story plot at all have one.  

These charac ters aren’t technically related to the main plot, but they are people Dexter might be interested in knowing eventually.

It’s easy to become attached to the characters on the show but in all fairness the audience should maintain an emotional distance and an open perspective when watching for that experience.

The new “Dexter: New Blood” series is playing Sunday’s on Showtime.

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