Lecture Series ends with well-known architect

Let’s Build-A few of Barbra Bestor’s work through Los Angeles. By Erica Cortez

by Erica Cortes

Well-known Los Angeles based architect Barbra Bestor presented her list of projects she had worked on throughout the years. 

Architecture professor Orhan Ayyuce hosted the last meeting of the Architecture Lecture Series, where Bestor went through a presentation about her list of resume of architecture projects she has done throughout Los Angeles throughout the time. 

Bestor has been in this career field since 1992. She has been awarded by the American Institute of Architects  for Interior Architecture.

“One of the big things is understanding how the city got to be the way it is now. A lot of civilians, non-architects, take for granted that the city is the way it is because of some scent of nature, and really that is not all the case,” said Bestor.   

As Bestor was explaining her resume she said what strategies she likes and how she adapts with what land she has to work with.

“I am more interested in more low rise density projects,” she said.

The whole presentation was each project broken down to what lighting went in, what flooring was set up and the landscaping that was chosen for the property. Bestor said, “It is the dream. You build a community by design.”

Ayyunce said, “I know what is going on around and the work is incredibly intuitive and beautifully done across the board and that is why Los Angeles is lucky to have you.” 

Bestor also voiced her concerns as an architect. She said, “A lot of what you see getting built around you is really following a kind of pro-former that is dictated by the planning department and the rules around on how we can build density. The planning department of the city keeps trying to find new work around and new experiences to try to encourage different kinds of building density but you tend to see things falling. It is good for density but it is not a leaning to better walkable streets in the community.”

Many places that Bestor showed in the lecture were for luxurious living. During a technical difficulty on Bestor part of the zoom meeting a student, Franscio Gayyoso, commented on the chat, “only for the rich and investors.”

However when replying to the comment she said, “I am interested in creating communities and making things a better place and making things better than before and not ruining stuff.”

Her work can be seen around Downtown Los Angeles, Echo park and more. 

Ayyuce said, “Beautiful work and plenty of it. She has been very prolific after her first project which was her own house.”

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