BTK Killer the center of new season Netflix’s true crime series

By Adonia Burciaga

Netflix’s new season of “Catching Killers” is worth the watch. It is very different from any other true-crime series out there.
The new season covers serial killers in Kansas, Missouri, Phoenix, Arizona, and Toronto, Canada.
The cases covered in “Catching Killers” are based on true events.
One of the most hair-raising episodes covers the serial killer known as BTK or “rax.” The BTK killer, whose real name is Dennis Rader, murdered multiple innocent people over the ‘70s and ‘80s.
Rader was a very horrible serial killer who would sent letters to detectives describing the crimes that he committed on his victims.
Rader disappeared for a time and the authorities thought he died or ended up in prison. Rader resurfaces in the early 2000s which causes detectives to start looking for him.
Police gain better technology in the 2000s which allow detectives to trace DNA samples collected as evidence from a murder that was committed in the ‘70s. Detectives also create a tip line for the public to share any leads on who they think BTK is.
The tension rises when the detectives notice a tip that stands out to them.
They go to the suspect’s house to find ropes and books that match things that BTK had used on his victims in the ‘70s.
The result is shocking when detectives try matching his sample with the evidence they found from the victims’ homes. The results come back negative.
Rader left a letter at a local news station. He used the letter as a means to contact detectives. He said he’d leave packages at a Home Depot and in multiple other places.
The series shows how Rader gives police more leads. Rader continues to stay in contact with detectives to help them figure out who BTK is.
“Catching Killers” also focuses on a strange serial killer in Canada who leads detectives to discover that cannibalism exists.
The episode definitely isn’t for people who are squeamish as they describe the disturbing acts that a serial killer shares on a website. The episode of the Canadian serial killer is broken into two parts. The first episode describes how the detectives try to convict the cannibal of murders that never happened.
The cannibal is only convicted of distributing child pornography after detectives search his computer and find incriminating evidence. In the second part of the episode, the detectives are able to find another suspect that potentially could be involved in the disappearances of multiple men.
A serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona kills his victims in what seems like random shootings until detectives begin to piece the shootings together.
The search for suspects takes them a while, but later the killer is convicted for his crimes.
“Catching Killers” new season is definitely worth watching.
The new season has four episodes and each episode is about 34 minutes. The TV show is rated for mature audiences only.

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