‘The Privilege’ showcases it’s take on horror

By Jesus Hernandez

Intense, dark, and chilling “The Privilege,” a German horror film on Netflix, is a must-watch film.
The film starts fast with really quick action and shows how dark the movie’s themes will be.
Director Felix Fuchssteiner does a great job making this horror film. It is filled with darkness and has a twist.
The film is good. It also has corny moments which are not such a bad thing to add to a movie depending on personal preference.
“The Privilege” takes place in Germany where high school kids take a pill that makes them experience a weird and dark phenomenon. This leads rich elites to clash with the high school kids in order for them to keep their dark secret under wraps.
The film is well written and directed, and it keeps viewers on their feet as they figure out what the next move is.
The film is chilling, dark and will make viewers wonder what can actually happen in the real world.
The actors in the film are Max Schimmelpfennig, who plays Finn Bergmann, and Lea Van Acken, who plays Lena.
The main character, Finn, is a schoolboy dealing with literal demons. He believes in what he sees no matter what other people tell him.
Lena is Schimmelpfennig’s best friend in the movie and is also a great character. Lena has Finn’s back throughout the entire movie.
It is great to see the chemistry they have on-screen. Schimmelpfennig is a character viewers will have no problem rooting for.
He is smart, sticks to his guns and wants to expose the bad people in the movie.
Lena is easy to cheer for in this film. Van Acken creates this great character effortlessly. Her acting is so good that it will have viewers wanting to jump in her shoes and help her friend out too.
The rest of the cast is great as well and the movie itself has a great story. It makes you feel nervous and it is intense throughout the movie.
“The Privilege” is one of many horror films to come out on Netflix or the many other streaming services and theaters in 2022.
After watching some of the horror films that have released already this year, “The Privilege” is one of the best ones so far.
The movie ends on a cliff hanger and will have viewers expecting a sequel in the near future.
The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice and viewers should remember to never judge a movie by its trailer.
On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being amazing, this film gets a seven.
If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it. You won’t regret it.

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