Kanye details his struggles in new Netflix series

By Adonia Burciaga

Kanye West’s new series on Netflix shares the struggle of West trying to go from a well-known producer to a well-known rapper.
The first episode of the documentary is very motivational, it shows just how far West has come as an artist and a producer.
This documentary was directed by West’s best friend Clarence Simmons Jr. credited in the movie as Coodie.
“You might say you miss the old Kanye. Well, I first put the camera on him back in 1998 when he was just an up-and-coming producer. I had no idea that this short interview would be the beginning of a brotherhood that would last for more than 20 years,” Simmons said.
Coodie does a good job as a director. The story of West’s life comes off very dramatic, which can be a bit aggravating. One example is from the previous quote about missing the old Kanye. He uses a spotlight on West’s face and has sunrise music to add dramatic effect.
Simmons Jr. sets aside his ambitions to direct Kanye’s life with hopes that he’d grown into huge fame.
Simmons did a great job narrating the start of Kanye’s career. The insight he shares showed that he knew West was driven to success.
Simmons starts off the first episode with West rapping in 2020 and two people just admiring his talent. Simmons uses that clip to show how far he has come as a rapper, producer, and creative individual.
After, that Simmons showed a fast-paced glimpse of West’s life focused only on what the media showed in the hopes that people can really see how hard West has worked to be where he is today.
The music in the first episode really set the tone for each particular part of the show.
The fast-paced glimpses of West’s life set to the music sounds chaotic and fast which shows how his life is.
Simmons said he started working for a TV show which covered rappers who were just starting, including West.
Simmons’ narration focused on putting West in a positive light to make the audience develop sympathy for West as no one saw how talented he really was. Simmons said Kanye’s mom was rooting for him no matter what.
Simmons had people react to a song that West not only produced, but also performed. He recorded the reaction of two different people to the music. People had only seen him as a producer and not a rapper.
This series is definitely for viewers who feel like they need motivation. The series shows that no one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.
West’s documentary series will release episodes weekly. Each episode will cover different times in West’s life. The moments will include events that changed his life such as his mother’s passing, his car crash, and his first big break producing for Jay-Z.

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