‘A Day to Die’ bring actors together for an action packed movie

By Jesus Hernandez

Action-packed with gun violence, drugs and a twist, “A Day to Die” is the new action movie that is out now in theaters. Was it the typical gangster and drug movie? In a way yes, and in a way no.
There is a twist that catches viewers off guard. With great actors like Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo and Kevin Dillon, watching a film like this is best with good actors who make viewers believe it.
These great actors are also considered your typical hardcore guys that can kick some serious butt, so it was not hard to believe what was going on in the film.
With the gun violence, drugs, and the action of the film it definitely covered the intensity of the film, something fans think is important for a movie like this.
It also has a brothers-and-family mentality to it, meaning the characters will do anything to get back to their family and friends, as real friends will have each other’s backs no matter how long they have gone without seeing each other.
With movies like this, fans love the exposure of the police and good-guy theme, meaning the police and good guys that viewers think should be doing good for the community are actually doing bad.
The police are in the pockets of the drug dealers or killing innocent people and the real good guys are exposing the bad ones.
That’s what I feel is important in a film of this caliber, which it covered really well.
Dillon was terrific in this movie. Viewers may think all eyes would be on Willis but the story of Dillon was so well put together, that viewers connect with his character more than any other.
Viewers root for Dillon in this film. They want him to complete the mission by midnight and survive. Viewers also root for his band of brothers who have his back.
They know that even if Dillon doesn’t need them, they will still be right there no matter what.
After watching this film maybe to some fans the plot might seem the same as every other gang, drug and gun violence movie, but fans will connect with these characters.
There’s also nothing better than a good twist at the end where viewers did not see that coming at all and it came true.
The twist was pretty cool and viewers will not see it coming. It actually made the film better. It helps viewers understand the story more.
Overall, this is a good movie. It is worth the watch. Viewers can stream it on Google play, Vudu or Amazon prime video.

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