New Hulu series documents the history of Elizabeth Holmes

Photo courtesy of Hulu

By Beatriz Garay

Hulu’s new original series ‘The Drop Out’ tells the true story of the rise and fall of businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes and her tech company Theranos.
Holmes, portrayed by “Letters to Juliet” and “Dear John” actress Amanda Seyfried, has a dream to become a billionaire and make a change in the medical industry.
With the help of investors, she develops healthcare technology that would revolutionize the medical industry but risk the lives of hundreds of patients.
In the first episode we see a young Holmes wrapping up her senior year of high school. She is to attend Stanford University.
During her freshman year, she begged a professor to let her in his graduate program, but he wouldn’t let her.
She met him once again and convinced him by finding a mistake in the program he was working on with his students. She had found the solution to it. Amazed by her solution he allows her to join his graduate program.
During a summer break from college, she goes abroad to work and study in the medical field. When she came back, she became interested in developing a type of technology that would improve diagnostic testing and therapeutic assessments.
During her sophomore year at Stanford she tells her parents she’s going to drop out of college and pursue her dream of starting a tech company and she wants to start the company with her college fund. Her parents aren’t very happy with her decisions. She drops out regardless and starts on her tech company Theranos.
Hulu rolled out three episodes on its premiere night. In the next episodes, Holmes starts moving forward with the development of her healthcare technology.
She soon discovers the technology isn’t working the way she thought it would. Instead of working it out to improve it, she turns a blind eye and keeps moving forward.
Holmes starts to look for investors. She starts to pitch to millionaires, even billionaires investors with false information of false data from a test that worked the first time but then their blood test machine failed every time they tried to make it work.
They believed her at every pitch she made, gaining millions and millions of investors’ money.
She soon was running a big company with many employees. As a result of lying to her associates in the efforts to keep the company alive, one by one each employee was either fired by Holmes or left voluntarily due to the work environment.
To compensate for the loss of workers, Holmes enlisted the help of different engineers to make up the work effort needed to keep the company afloat.
She had become too ambitious. She wanted to be the next Steve Jobs of Silicon Valley. Holmes was actually almost voted out of CEO, but she managed to save herself by using a personal experience where she went to the Apple Store to fix her phone but got her data erased by accident.
By using this event, she managed to persuade the board to keep her on as CEO and even got her lover Sunny Bawani a position in the company as COO.
By staying as CEO, she managed to earn more funding for the company and created new tech to maintain the illusion that she was keeping her promise to her investors.
As the series develops, we’ll get to see how an employee starts to question if the technology is actually working or if she’s just lying to everyone. She puts hundreds of patients’ lives at risk with her technology by giving false diagnostics and false treatment. We’ll see how she starts to crumble and fall as well as her company Theranos does and lawsuits start to roll in.
If anyone has been following this story, Holmes was found guilty on three counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit fraud. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison for each count.
She is set to start her sentence in September of this year. As of now, she married Billy Evan who is an heir to Evan Hotel Group and lives on his $135 million estate with their son.

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