War in Ukraine has harming effects on gas prices in America

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Gas prices have created barriers for students who commute to class. In the past weeks, Los Angeles’ gas prices have increased drastically.
This price hike has students who commute to ELAC facing the problem of being able to commute to school.
In the past, gas prices were on average $3.50 per gallon and it has been steadily increasing. This situation will only get worse in the following weeks.
When gas prices started going up two weeks ago, people started seeing it as a problem.
Students are concerned about the amount they will need to pay a week for commuting to school.
According to the American Automobile Association gas price map in Los Angeles County, the average gas price is $5.75 per gallon.
Experts said Russia’s war with Ukraine and an increase in gas demand has contributed to rising prices.
College students who have to commute to class have taken a hit from the increasing prices on gas. Some are forced to find alternative modes of moving from home to school.
“It’s hard with these gas prices because I have to switch my method of transportation,” Juan Cruz, a student at ELAC who commutes to class from South Central Los Angeles, said.
“This past week I had to pump roughly $65 to my car and it didn’t even reach [a]full tank My whole schedule would change because in the case of taking public transportation, I would need to wake up extra early to take the bus rather than get in the car and make it to school in 45 minutes,” Cruz said.
Gas prices create barriers for students to be able to commute to class because of the distance they have to travel.
Students already have to take into consideration the amount of traffic there is in Los Angeles and how long it takes a student to arrive at ELAC when driving.
They shouldn’t be worrying about whether they can afford it as well.
It gets difficult when a student is working because students aren’t able to work as much because of their commitment to school. They don’t get as many hours at work and they work less which means they earn less.
Having to take $60 each week in order to make it to class is tough during these times.
My own commute to and from class has me putting roughly $70 of gas for a full tank.
Higher gas prices are a problem for students who aren’t financially stable or for students who get an allowance from their parents.
Amber Ramirez is one such ELAC student.
“Students who don’t work or are financially dependent on their parents can create problems for themselves trying to commute to class every single day. With these gas prices, students will need to start using public transportation and learn different methods to get to class. If students get money from their parents it might not be enough to be able to fill [their gas tank] or even make it to half a tank.”
Students are facing a crisis right now and the best thing to do is to find an alternative method of transportation.

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