Huskies baseball lose 2-1 after walk off homerun from Pasadena

By Nick Tercero

The Huskies baseball team lost against Pasadena City College, with final score 2-1.
This is the Huskies seventh loss on the road in the season.
This is the second loss in the last nine games for the Huskies.
There were many errors throughout the game from both teams. Luckily the errors made by the Huskies didn’t result in any runs scored for Pasadena.
It was a slow start to the game for both teams. Throughout the first five innings it was a scoreless game.
Top of the sixth inning came on, with Jason Vela at third base.
Infielder Ruben Hernandez hit a ground ball to left field, Pasadena third baseman Toshiki Kuriya struggled to get a hold of the baseball, resulting in an error. Jason Vela scored the first run of the game The Huskies had a 1-0 lead.
Pasadena wasted no time in responding to East Los Angeles.
Bottom of the sixth with runners at first and third, Pasadena second baseman Andrew Scanell hit a sacrifice fly across center field to score outfielder Kenny Kim and tie the game for Pasadena at 1-1.
This earned Scanell an RBI.
The seventh inning was scoreless for both teams, but there was no shortage of action.
Top of the 7th Eduardo Sanchez was up to bat. He hit a ground ball to right field and Pasadena’s first baseman attempted to catch the ball sliding and reaching for it. He wasn’t successful, which led Eduardo being safe at first.
While infielder Richard Ponce was at bat, Eduardo tried to steal first base for second base, but was caught trying to go back to first.
The Umpire rulds him out after the slide. Richard Ponce was able to hit a double after.
The Huskies weren’t able to capitalize on the double by Ponce, finishing the inning with no runs.
Bottom of the 7th inning, ELAC substituted starting pitcher Francisco Dominguez for pitcher David Morales.
Dominguez finished the game with one earned run, one base on ball, two strikeouts and gave up five hits, only allowing one run in six innings.
Top of the eighth inning, Pasadena City College substituted pitcher Coleman Mitchell for Nicolas Day and Catcher Brennan Beckley for Matt Rice.
Coleman kept East Los Angeles scoreless in the eighth, recording zero hits and zero runs.
It was a quick eighth inning for ELACs outfield.
David Morales walked Kenny Kim after not being able to strike him out.
Kim reached first. Pasadena’s Jake Trabbie was up to bat next. He hit a ground ball to right field.
First baseman Jayden Solorio scooped the ball up and completed a double play to shortstop Richard Ponce.
With two outs in the bottom of the eighth, David Morales struck out Jakob Guardado after a wild swing getting a third out.
Morales didn’t allow any hits in the eighth inning.
In the ninth and final inning of the game, ELAC was not able to get a hit or run.
Jayden Solorio was first to bat. He hit a ground ball to second base that led to an out at first base.
Antonio Gomez then hit a lined out to center field and Juan Guardado hit a lined out to right field.
What followed were three outs against the Huskies.
Bottom of the 9th inning, David Morales struck out Andrew Scanell for the first out.
Then Pasadena’s Toshiki Kuriya hit a ground ball to second base which lead to the second out.
With three outs David Morales needed one more strike to strike out Matt Rice and send the game to extra innings.
Morales was unable to strike out Rice. He hit a walk-off home run to win the game for Pasadena City College 2-1.
The Huskies finished the game with seven hits, six batters left on base and one run.
This loss puts East Los Angeles College at 12 wins and 11 losses in the season and 8 wins and 4 losses in their conference, with a .667 win percentage.
The Huskies will host Compton Tomorrow. Game starts at 2:30 p.m.

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