Huskies softball ends winning streak for Ventura

By Luis Diaz

A comeback for the Huskies softball team. The Huskies kept fighting to the end against Ventura, who was coming off a six-game winning streak.
The Huskies fought and never lost hope. The team as a whole needed to play almost without errors to take the win, and they did. Ventura was dominant until the third inning.
In the first inning, the Huskies’ defense was struggling to get outs, Ventura scored twice. The score was 2-0.
On offense, the Huskies were fighting back and scored to make it 2-1. The game was tight in the first inning, both teams trying to see each other’s potential.
The second inning started off rough for The Huskies. On defense, they struggled to get outs and Lauren Tate, the pitcher for the Huskies, had the most hits from her pitches in that inning, with 5 runs, making it 6-1 for Ventura.
Not much happened on offense for the Huskies. They were trying everything to score points on the board but the momentum was on Ventura’s side.
The third inning was the moment the Huskies started dominating the rest of the game.
The defense for the Huskies received one major change to stop Ventura from getting more runs.
Lauren Tate was relieved from pitching and was replaced by Chasity Martinez, who quickly showed Ventura that it wasn’t going to be easy for them.
A quick three and out for Ventura and the Huskies gained their confidence on offense.
The Huskies scored four times and it was an incredible momentum swing gained from the Huskies, leaving Ventura in awe.
The third was the best inning from the Huskies. The women were fired up and ready for the next inning.
In the fourth inning, the Huskies finally were able to tie the game.
The defense was able to keep Ventura from scoring.
With Chasity Martinez on the mound, the pitcher was giving Ventura a tough time to hit any ball coming their way.
The Huskies on offense kept the same intensity and momentum. The team kept hitting balls but nothing resulted in a point.
The tide had turned on Ventura and the Huskies were coming hard and fast.
The fifth inning started with Ventura still not finding a way to score and continued to struggle and were getting singles but resulted in outs.
The defense put their feet deep in the ground and were doing everything possible to not let Ventura gain the lead.
The Huskies offense was nothing but special. They scored again making the score 7-6.
The Huskies didn’t just stop there. They scored twice in this inning giving them more space to breathe. The Huskies were up 8-6 heading into the sixth inning.
During the sixth inning, the score was still the same and nothing changed for the Huskies.
Defense was key in this inning because Ventura came out fighting hard but didn’t get the results they were looking for and the head coach for Ventura was furious as if they had lost hope in being able to take the victory.
The Huskies were able to take advantage of their state and just hold their ground and secure the win.
Both teams had zero points and it was a battle defensively for the two teams heading into the last inning.
In the seventh inning, the Huskies on defense lost a player for making a fantastic play that resulted in an out for Ventura.
Lily Stell, the infielder out of Burbank High threw herself to catch a ball when she landed on her arm with her whole weight on top.
She remained in the game until it ended but the injury seemed pretty bad.
Ventura was still alive in this game when a home run from Isabel Gallegos kept the team alive making it 8-7.
The Huskies came on offense and just took it slow and secured the victory making it their third win in a row going strong to face Fullerton at 4 p.m.

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