Huskies softball take another win at home

By Luis Diaz

The Huskies softball team won against Pasadena City 3-1.
This is the second win for the Huskies, coming off a 15-1 win against Santa Monica.
The Huskies defense really stepped up and was a key factor to winning the game. Overall the team came together and were doing incredible plays leaving Pasadena scoreless until the 6th inning.
In the first inning both teams were scoreless. Each team really came out during the inning to demonstrate what they were capable of doing.
The Huskies weren’t letting Pasadena City score points during this inning.
The Huskies’ pitcher Lauren Tate was striking out Pasadena City players quickly.
On offense, The Huskies were warming up for what was to come in later innings.
A lot of good swings to the right side resulted in single bases and the hitters were cooking something. There was a potential to score early for the Huskies.
The Huskies kept dominating in the second inning, still keeping the intensity on defense.
Pasadena City struggled to get a hit to get a player to the plate.
Lauren Tate, the pitcher for the Huskies was pitching a great inning. She did not allow any hits and struck out Pasadena’s players quickly.
The offense kept taking advantage of every pitch thrown at them, resulting in hits to the left and right fields.
Everything changed in the third inning.
Huskies Outfielder Nathalie Cordova sent it to left field, resulting in a 1-0.
The Huskies got the momentum going in their favor and right after that score, the Huskies got another hit extending their lead to 2-0.
This came as a complete shock for Pasadena City. They continued to struggle to get a hit and were searching for an answer for this Husky team.
In the fourth inning, the Husky defense would not ease off the pedal, even though they had a decent lead.
The Huskies had two quick outs and frustration was seen on Pasadena’s head coach. The Pasadena team wasn’t answering with hits or able to slow down the Huskies’ offense.
Lauren Tate had 3 balls and 2 strikes after 4 innings.
Huskies Head Coach Blanco had a group talk and the team then got the strikeout for third out. Huskies were up next on offense.
In the fifth inning, Pasadena started getting hits which resulted in singles and doubles but no score.
In a play for Pasadena, the batter hit to the middle center and the Huskies got her out on first base.
A out resulted in a heated argument between Pasadena Head Coach Monica Tantlinger and the umpire. It was over a call that she thought was wrong.
In the sixth inning, Pasadena finally scored a run and Pasadena still had hope to take the lead or tie.
Pasadena had two players on base.
Lauren Tate, pitcher for the Huskies, for the first time this game let two players from the other team get to bases.
Coach Blanco had a talk with her based on her performance. She continued to struggle that inning.
Luckily the offense came in clutch to extend the lead to 3-1.
Finishing out the game in the 7th inning, the defense for the Huskies came on to the field wanting a 3 and out, and they got exactly that.
The Huskies extend Pasadena’s record to 5-17, handing them their third straight loss.
The Huskies get their second win coming off a four game losing streak.
It was a huge win for them against Pasadena. The Huskies record is now 8-12.

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