Transfer admissions offered to employed ELAC students

By Adonia Burciaga

Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School was invited by East Los Angeles College professor Frank Aguirre to help students complete their business degrees while still being employed.
Hannah Majuelo and Jose Lozano introduced the Bachelor’s of Science in Management Program.
Graziadio Business School offers the transfer admission guarantee for students who have two years of paid work experience, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8, and 60 transferable units.
Pepperdine University’s main campus is located in Malibu and the second campus is located in West Los Angeles and houses the Graziadio Business School.
The program is offered fully online or on-campus.
Students can complete the program in two years.
The classes are offered on evenings and weekends which is easy for working professionals to work around their schedule.
Majuelo said, “Students are not tied to finishing the program in two years since they are working professionally, which can be prolonged.”
The first year of the MBA program can be waived and students can jump into the second year of the program if they perform well in their Bachelors of Science in Management Program.
Students would be able to have two degrees in a little less than three years.
Students would also be able to waive the tuition for the first year of the Bachelor’s program.
Majuelo also covered the credit transfer requirements in English composition, math, social science, etc.
To enter the program, students don’t need an associate’s degree or be a business major as long as they have the 60 transferable units completed and the required GPA.
Students are required to have two years of employment.
The work experience could be in any field such as retail, fast food, hospitality, and health care.
Students’ classes are chosen at the Graziadio Business School, but can be enrolled part-time if they are having issues rearranging their schedule around school.
Majuelo emphasized that being enrolled part-time would prolong their Graduation but students do have two to seven years to complete the Bachelor’s of Science in Management Program.
Graziadio Business School also offers one-week global business interactive courses where students can study in Asia, Europe, Latin America and other locations.
Each country has a specific subject matter.
The global interactive courses are available to BSM, MBA and MS students. Majuelo said, “I went to Paris, France for the marketing class. The marketing class was for luxury brand management, we met executives from Louis Vuitton. We were exposed to their operations, and we got to meet and network with professionals who work in the management industry.”
Students are welcome to make an appointment with Majuelo and Lozano to prepare them for the application, general questions and advising their student education plan.

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