Huskies softball wins 8-5 against Pasadena

By Jesse Hernandez

Soft Touch—ELAC’s softball team beat Pasadena City College with a score of 8-5.

The Husky softball team came out on top against Pasadena City College with a final score of 8-5 after seven innings.
The Huskies are back on a winning track after dropping back-to-back games to San Diego Mesa.
This is the fourth win in the last 10 games for the Huskies, and their sixth on the road.
The first inning was a slow one for both teams.
The second inning wasn’t any different for both sides.
Chastity Martinez struck out for the first out. Dani Varela followed by hitting a single and stealing second base after Serena Lopez fouled out to right field.
Daejah Madera was last to bat in the inning, but got out at first which allowed Pasadena to get a double play and end the inning for the Huskies.
The first two innings for ELAC were scoreless, but they still had a lot left in the tank.
ELAC were warming up for what was to come the next inning.
ELAC took all the momentum in their favor and dominated the third inning.
Irene Huizar was walked to begin the inning.
Jade Hidalgo followed by reaching first after a fielder’s choice which allowed Huizar to advance to second after Pasadena’s shortstop made an error.
With two batters on base, Irene Dorado hit a single across midfield allowing Huizar to score the first run of the game.
Dorado recorded the first RBI in the game.
Arlyne Ruiz was next to bat, with batters at second and third for East Los Angeles, Ruiz hit a single to center field.
Ruiz was able to advance to second while also recording two RBIs, both Dorado and Hidalgo were able to score unearned runs.
This put the Huskies up 3-0 with no outs in the inning.
Although ELAC was up, they still wouldn’t take their foot off the pedal.
Dani Varela bunted the ball to third base which allowed Ruiz to score a run, earning Varela an RBI. Pasadena we’re having trouble getting stops to slow down ELAC.
Madera was next to bat, she hit a single across center field scoring in Varela and Hernandez in the process and earning two RBIs.
The Huskies finished the third with six runs and four hits.
This was their best inning through the entirety of the game.
Pasadena remained scoreless after three innings.
ELAC followed up the third with a scoreless fourth inning and gave up two runs for Pasadena.
This was the first time Pasadena scored in the game. 6-2 was the score after 4
The Huskies had another scoreless inning in the fifth, while Pasadena added two more runs to their score.
ELAC got back on track after Huizar scored an unearned run in the 6th inning.
The Huskies defense wasn’t able to stop Pasadena from scoring and Pasadena scored another run in the sixth.
ELAC was able to close out the game strong.
Scoring another run and closing out Pasadena in the bottom of the seventh inning.
The final score was 8-5.
The Huskies finished with eight runs, nine hits, eight RBIs and six batters left on base.
This win puts the Huskies at 14-18 overall record and 6-8 in their conference. With a win percentage of .429%.
This is the 14th win for East Los Angeles in the season and their sixth in the conference
The Huskies Softball team will face Cerritos next on the road. That game starts at 5p.m.

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