Climate activist dies after setting himself on fire in protest

By Jonathon Bermudez

Climate activist Wynn Bruce set himself on fire to protest climate change in front of the Supreme Court building and I completely support his actions.
Bruce committed self immolation on Earth Day to protest climate change. I believe what he did was the ultimate act of heroism.
He sacrificed himself to bring awareness to a serious issue of the world. Many people will think what he did was foolish, but that is what is needed in the state the world is in right now. People have to go to extreme lengths just to get attention on serious issues.
Most of the world is too focused on other things that they lose focus on pressing matters.
It wasn’t that long ago that the war in Ukraine was all over the news. People coming together to show their support by donating money, or even going over there to assist the people of Ukraine. It felt like all of that was forgotten when people started talking about what Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the Oscars. Even now, people are more focused on what is happening with Johnny Depp and Amber heard that Bruce committing self immolation was completely overlooked.
I don’t know who to blame, the people or the media. Bruce’s story was covered, but I believe people just don’t want to read about it.
I believe it’s due to all of the deaths and crises that have happened this year. African Americans still face injustice even after all the protests. Women’s rights are being taken away. It’s become too much. The world is starting to look like it’s ending. It has to take some sort of extremity to make a change. We need people like Bruce, people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
Of course, if it doesn’t involve hurting others. it’s hard to say if Bruce didn’t cause any pain to others. I’m sure his family is distraught, but I don’t think Bruce hurt them on purpose. He had a goal. He also had love for the world. He saw that it was dying and he wanted to save it. That is what makes Bruce different from other protestors. He did this act out of passion, not anger. That’s what makes all the difference. That’s what makes him a hero.

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