Pop up career closet offers students work attire

By Beatriz Garay

Tips for work—The Sociology Club held a “Pop-up” closet which offered support to students who struggle to get jobs.

The Husky Closet Pop-Up provides East Los Angeles students with basic necessities for upcoming job interviews.
This was set up by the sociology club.
Their goal is providing the basic necessities students can’t afford.
The club also prepares students with the mentality and preparation of looking for jobs or starting careers.
Students at ELAC that are struggling to find the basic necessities to help them succeed are given help.
Services are provided that are quite expansive as it gives basic but essential necessities to students who can’t find them due to their own personal circumstances.
These services are available to students that are struggling.
Even if students don’t find these necessary, they should still take advantage of this opportunity since the pop-up event provides anything a person might need when going to an interview for a new job.
An exciting feature includes an array of formal wear for those that need it but are unable to afford them due to financial issues students might have.
The event also provides fitting rooms for students to try on clothes before making a decision.
The pop-up will also provide students with other materials such as hair supplies shaving kits and other basic items. Students do not realize they might need these types of items.
Getting these items makes them available anytime for anyone who needs them.
The Husky Career Pop-Up also plans to team up with the Career Center to provide short workshops for students to prepare them for interviews.
The sociology club and the Career Center are working on the details to see if they can agree on providing the workshops.
Workshops that focus on getting jobs or basic interview skills would benefit students.
Students would have in mind what to expect in the job interviews.
This information brings students one step closer to their careers.
This organization is a one stop for anything a student might need.
Students will be able to find accessories such as clothing, shoes and kits.
The Husky Career Pop-Up Event also helps reduce, reuse and recycle items instead of having items go to landfill.
It’s important to the club that they help the environment.
Clothing waste ends up in landfills instead of being donated to organizations or programs like the Husky Career Closet Pop-Up.
If students or professors have items in their home that aren’t needed, the Husky Career Closet Pop-Up will gladly take any donations.
They are trying to have different options available to students.
They will be in front of the E-3 building entry pathway from 11a.m. to 2p.m. It will be set up three days a week in the month of May.
The Sociology club has plans to ensure this kind of event is becomes recurring and available to ELAC students that need basic necessities.
They’d be available without having to worry about the cost impacting their budget or if they simply can’t afford them.
Even though the club’s president is graduating soon, he still wants to be part of this organization.
It was his idea and he’s very passionate about it.
It’s important to him that an event like the Husky Career Pop-Up Closet can help students, especially those in need.
Sometimes a student can’t make ends meet and this pop-up is meant to take that stress off of students.

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