Fans want more after Bad Bunny drops latest album

By Luis Diaz

Coming off the success of his last album “El Último Tour del Mundo,” Bad Bunny creates another hit. Summer started earlier this year with “Un Verano Sin Ti” (A Summer Without You).
Bad Bunny’s fourth studio album shows off his versatility.
The album is packed with 23 songs, including his 2019 hit “Callaita.” The two-part set was co-produced by Tainy and MAG and his longtime engineer Beto “La Paciencia.” His fourth album is heavily inspired by a spectrum of Caribbean music.
On his first track “Moscow Mule,” Bad Bunny sets the mood for what’s to come, but nothing can prepare you for what comes after that.
Bad Bunny treated fans with a mixture of Caribbean beats like mambo and dewbow, electronic beats and the best one for summer, “El Perreo.” This album seems to be specifically made for the summer time.
“Un Verano Sin Ti” brought all the heat and had Bad Bunny join forces with diverse artists. This includes Puerto Rican reggaeton icons like Chencho Corleone and Tony Dize, Indie duos The Marias and Buscabulla, Jhay Cortez, with his fourth collaboration with Bad Bunny and the long awaited collaboration with today’s hottest artist Rauw Alejandro. He also brought in Colombia’s Bomba Estereo for a reggae-infused AfroBeat.
Bad Bunny demonstrates in this album that he isn’t afraid to try new things. Since his debut back in 2018, Bad Bunny has been on an unstoppable run.
Working with pop punk, bachata and other genres, he makes it clear that he isn’t trying to recycle old beats or what works. Every song on the album is different and there isn’t a favorite because each song has a different vibe.
“Un Verano Sin Ti” feels like the perfect follow-up for the Puerto Rican rapper. His versatility has been teased in the past with his songs like “Maldita Pobreza” or his R&B infused song “SORRY PAPI.”
In “Un Verano Sin Ti” that versatility is fully fleshed out and shows how Bad Bunny can use different genres to his advantage and make a hit.
The album clocks in at around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Despite this run-time the album will make fans want more. It makes fans wonder what genre Bad Bunny will work with next and if it will give him another summer hit.
Bad Bunny respects Caribbean beats in songs like “Agosto” which has a mixture of reggaeton and tropical sounds. Perreo is present and better than ever like in “Me Porto Bonito,” which pays homage to old-school reggaeton.
Bad Bunny makes sure that the album ends on the highest note possible. Inserting his 2019 hit single “Callaita” into this album by being the last song. This brings the nostalgia of summer’s past.
This album really shows off how versatile Bad Bunny can be. From his perreo tracks to the Caribbean-infused songs, there is a lot here for everyone.
Every single song has a different sound and feeling to it, which makes it very exciting to play at the beach this summer.
“Un Verano Sin Ti” is the perfect way to begin summer. It’s exciting, fun and electrifying. This summer, “Un Verano Sin Ti’s” songs will be played at Bad Bunny’s stadium tour which will take place in North and South America, which he has named “World’s Hottest Tour.”

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