Campus holds healing circle

By Juan Calvillo

A healing circle held Thursday and Friday outside the Ernest H. Moreno E3 building gave students, faculty and staff a chance to share feelings and emotions, after an East Los Angeles College Student fell from the building Tuesday. Grief counselors spoke with the group and encouraged them to share their feelings on the pressures of life.

This group of grief counselors have set up an area for one-on-one appointments in F5 – 209. One counselor, who would only go by Najma, said there are many stressors in life. She said they include parents, finances, and the isolation the pandemic has instilled in people over the last couple of years.

“We are programmed to say we are fine,” Najma said.

She said anger and shock over the events that happened on Tuesday are not a one time thing. She said reaching out to each other and looking out for each other is key to getting through these times of emotional upheaval.

Dolores Carlos, English Department professor, said COVID-19 held people back from expressing emotions in groups. She said now that it is possible to gather together, people are able to once again, express their emotions with one another.

She said it’s important for students to know that there is a place for them here at ELAC.

“Our doors are open to them,” Carlos said.

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