CDC contradictory statements confuses COVID legitimacy

By Ricardo Martir

If you have plans to travel internationally or anywhere within the country this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently came out with recommendations to “get tested” for COVID-19, This used to be the case only for people who weren’t fully vaccinated.
But now, these recommendations are also for people who are up to date with their vaccinations and booster shots.
They also recommend to follow the local rules and guidelines wherever people be traveling.
The CDC also announced in mid-April that masks would no longer be required in a majority of places.
They will only be strongly recommended.
Contradictory statements like these are what leave people questioning not only the legitimacy of the coronavirus, but also make people doubt whenever new recommendations or guidelines are made by the CDC.
The CDC leaves people in question about what advice they should take and what recommendations are safe to avoid.
After a little over two years, people are becoming intolerant of the situation, especially when people who have been overly cautious still catch COVID get upset when they see people on the other hand who since 2020 have never followed guidelines have yet to get sick.
The new recommendations come just a few weeks before the start of the summer.
Health and government officials worry about the possible rise in cases, but also the creation of new variants, as a result of people mixing in highly populated areas with all the traveling that is expected during the summertime.

COVID cases continue to rise and people are still dying.
When the CDC says masks are no longer required, even the state of California, which debatably has the strictest mandates throughout the country, follows the recommendation.
According to an article on Deadline, Barbara Ferrer recently said “Everyone two years of age and older should wear a mask in indoor gatherings and indoor settings such as businesses, restaurants, and indoors at schools.”
However, people believe that it is time to leave COVID behind and that the CDC and respective local authorities should not influence and fearmonger us into making decisions at this point.
The country is at a point where everyone who needs to be vaccinated has already had the time and opportunity to get vaccinated.
Everyone who hasn’t received the vaccine will probably never get one.
People who no longer choose to wear the mask will not wear one regardless of mandates or store policies.
Public workers and politicians can only do so much to enforce wearing a mask and testing while traveling in these times.
However COVID-related diseases should already be public knowledge.
If travel restrictions are extremely loose in comparison to how they were in 2020, people believe it’s time to truly leave COVID in the past for good.

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