Galvan: Born to wrestle

Made for this— Miya Galvan, 21, has been wrestling since the age of 7

By Brenda De La Cruz

Miya Galvan, 21, grew up wrestling in Boyle Heights and has kept her drive to compete at East Los Angeles College.
She attended Garfield High school for one year before transferring to Bell Gardens High school.
She began wrestling in the seventh grade and has been doing so ever since then.
She was one of the few female wrestlers at her middle school.
She has always been interested in sports.
When she saw a flyer at her middle school for a non-profit called “Beat the streets,” she decided to join.
This is where she learned about wrestling.
She continues to work with the non-profit organization, only now she helps out as a volunteer to help keep kids off the streets.
Galvan’s favorite thing about wrestling is the mindset and growth one learns from it.
“You mature due to the sport. My habits and the way I think has been based off the sport. It gives you mental stability, and you have to be in the right mindset because you are putting all your time into it. If you want to succeed in something you’re so passionate about you have to be there 24/7,” Galvan said.
This is Galvan’s last semester at ELAC.
She plans to transfer out to either San Francisco State University or Humboldt University.
“I wanted to come to ELAC versus a four-year to develop my wrestling better in case I really wanted to pursue it,” Galvan said.

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