Navarro: Pursuing dreams while wrestling

Pumped— Brianna Navarro, 20, is thrilled her and her teammates will finally be able to wrestle.

By Brenda De La Cruz

Brianna Navarro, 20, attended Redlands East Valley High school and this is her first year at ELAC.
While she grew up in the Inland Empire, she is familiar with the local area because her dad lives in East Los Angeles.
She wrestled in high school with other female athletes, and also had co-ed practices. Working and training with the ELAC co-ed team is no issue for her.
She said her friends would say she would make a good wrestler. She decided to go for it.
Once she started, the sport peaked her interest in continuing. Navarro received scholarships in 2020 to Universities in Montana and Iowa but decided to stay in Los Angeles due to COVID.
She soon realized ELAC offered an entry path to law enforcement and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a police officer.
Navarro is currently working on her Associates degree and wants to go into law enforcement as soon as possible.
She wants to contribute and make a difference. with all the current controversy involving law enforcement.
Her other possible plans include law school.
Navarro believes wrestling is helping her to meet her goals. Navarro believes the sport keeps her disciplined, on and off the mat.
She is also excited to be on an official women’s sport. She said she is sad for her teammates who are leaving and wont get the chance to experience the sport together.
She said her excitement comes from watching the men compete, but also competing. She said her and her teammates counted to only train but not be counted as competitors.
That will all change in 2023.

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