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By Ricardo Martir

College Corps is a program that works to engage with undergraduate students in solving problems in their community, while also learning key skills that advance their own success academically and in the workforce.
Janet Huang and Fernando Gomes hosted Wednesday’s “Huskies Connect Preparation Workshop & College Corps” meeting.
They began with brief information on College Corps and its three different programs.
They gave tips on the general job application and interview process.
“College Corps K-12 works; with kids from kindergarten through high school.
The Basic Needs works with food banks and pantries and Climate Change works within the community to address the needs of your specific community.” Huang said in case anyone was interested in applying.
In regards to the job-seeking process, keeping a clean and easy-to-read resume is always a good idea as well.
“A resume is probably the first thing you should have ready before you even apply.
It’s always good to have your contact information, your previous experience, and your education all up to date to be a highly competitive profile,” Huang said.
A cover letter is also essential to introduce students to their employer, express their interest in that position, and list their qualifications for that position.
But pieces of paper can only get you so far.
Huang recommends that when mentioning qualifications and achievements, “You always express your achievements and goals with confidence.”
Appearance and confidence are crucial.
Students need to sell and praise their accomplishments and qualifications to the employer because when competing for a position no one will vouch for them more than they can do for themselves.
“When applying for College Corps or any other employer, it is crucial that you are educated with the information of your employer.
Look at their social media, their introduction values, and your core values.” Huang said.
The last thing students want to do is attend the interview and not know anything about themselves or the company their applying for, or even be asked why are they a good fit for this company and respond with something entirely different from the company’s principles.
Sometimes anxiety, pressure, and overthinking can negatively impact overall interview performance.
When it comes down to being present at the job interview, it is important not to overstress during the interview.
This could be easier said than done for the most part, but there are ways students can help themselves.
Practicing an interview alone or with anybody available in a mock interview, is the best way to stay prepared.
In today’s time, there may be a variety of ways an interview can take place.
However, the two main ways that interviews take place are either in-person or remotely.
If the interview is remote, students want to have a stable internet connection, their device fully charged, a quiet room and headphones if necessary.
If the interview is in-person it is crucial to arrive early and keep a positive mindset as it is more noticeable than through a screen.
Keep in mind personal social media could play a key role in the hiring process.
Attire is extremely important for an interview.
When being interviewed, regardless if the interview is not in-person.
Looking good is considered having a decent haircut and a nice buttoned shirt and nice pants.
Students want to look good in order to make a good first impression, and also when students look good students they are likely to be more confident in themselves throughout the interviews.
The ELAC Career Center is a good place for students to practice and ask questions before and after any interviews.
It also helps to stay informed on who is hiring in case students need a change of employment or just trying to get their first job.
Students can get more information from them on their section of ELAC’s website.
Students can follow them on Instagram profile @elaccareeer for their latest updates and information.

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