College Corps workshop prepares students for careers

By Ricardo Martir

Janet Huang and Fernando Gomes briefed students on information regarding College Corps and their three different programs during the Huskies Connect Preparation Workshop.

College Corps is a program that works to engage with undergraduate students in solving problems in their community, while also learning key skills that advance their own success academically and in the workforce.

Huang and Gomes gave general tips on the general job application and interview process.

“College Corps k-12 works; with kids from kindergarten through high school, the Basic Needs; works with food banks and pantries, and Climate Change; works within the community to address the needs of your specific community,” said Huang. 

In regards to the job-seeking process, they said keeping a clean and easy-to-read resume is always a good idea. “A resume is probably the first thing you should have ready before you even apply. It’s always good to have your contact information, your previous experience, and your education all up to date to be a highly competitive profile.” said Huang. Huang recommends that when you mention your qualifications and achievements, “You always express your achievements and goals with confidence.” 

Huang said it’s important to sell and praise accomplishments and qualifications for employers because when competing for a position individuals are their own vouchers. 

“When applying for College Corps or any other employer it is crucial that you are educated with the information of your employer. Look at their social media, their introduction values, and your core values. The last thing you want to do is attend the interview and not know anything about yourself or the company you’re applying for,” Huang said.

The East Los Angeles Career Center provides a wide amount of services to help students on their career goals. Their instagram @elaccareer promotes events, workshops, and job postings for students looking for extra help. The Career Center is a place for students to practice and ask questions before and after any interviews. More information can be found on their section of ELAC’s website

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