‘Switch Sports’ revives the Nintendo Wii

By Ricardo Martir

Nearly 15 years and a half since the release of Wii Sports, the franchise has been revived with its true second coming, Switch Sports.

 A game with six featured sports including three new sports like soccer, badminton, and chambara. 

The gameplay continues its familiar motion sensor controls and a few joy-con buttons similar to Wii Sports and even though motion sensor controllers are no longer the newest thing in the world of gaming.

Efficiency and accurate timing of the motions are satisfying when making key plays across all six sports. 

Player’s personalized sims, or Miis, will have a refreshed look where they can now upgrade their character with a variety of clothes and accessories for their character. 

Instead of going with the usual point-based shopping character, upgrades are only available in global play after every match. Items are only earned in sets that are available for a limited time before the prizes are refreshed to different accessories.

While gamers play locally (with people in their household), they can play extra modes within their own console. They can play games like, shootout in soccer, or obstacle course bowling.

However, some of the extra modes for each sport, debatably considered the more challenging and interesting modes, are not available for online global play which is unfortunate for some.

Volleyball is straightforward and offers the option to play with up to four people, where timing is vital. Whether players want to set up their partner for a spike ball or they want to stop their opponent from scoring the game-winning point with a block, if their actions are not timed correctly, it could cost them the points they need to win the game.

Bowling and Tennis are pretty much the same as its Wii Sports versions as they were among the popular sports, with the exception of a few extra modes in bowling.

Badminton is virtually the same thing as tennis. Because it is so similar to the tennis mode, badminton may seem underwhelming at first but players can still enjoy the game.

Chambara seems like a pretty technical sport. When gamers play it for the first time, they get a walk-through of various motions of the sport, like how to attack, defend, and how to choose from three different swords. It all depends on how gamers want to play, They can choose from an attack mode, a defense mode, or a more balanced mode.

 However, as soon as you play a multiplayer match of Chambara a spamming of the opponents  controller can destabilize the player and easily get him out of the platform.

Finally, soccer is playable in all three modes. Players have the option to play in matches 1v1 all the way up to 4v4. Because soccer is one of the sports that makes a debut, players may feel awkward playing. There is an option to wear a leg strap, but because players never actually run during the game, the kicking motion may feel unnatural. Players may find it more enjoyable to play using the swing motion of their arm rather than using the leg strap, especially if they do not have much room between their couch and their television.

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