Netflix’s ‘Perfect Pairing’ could be the summers rom-com

By Jesus Hernandez

The Perfect Pairing, the new romance inspired film that just dropped on Netflix is very inspiring and could be the romance movie of the summer. Loa Alvarez (Victoria Justice) the star in this film played an excellent part in this film. She played the boss woman in this film and you can feel watching it that you knew she was going to get there and accomplish her goals.

Lola quit her dream job of wanting to be promoted for the regional sales director of a LA based wine importing company because her best friend Aurda (Lucy Durack) stole her brilliant proposed Australian client and her boss at the company deemed the move as fair play. 

Lola the boss woman she was, after she quit she figured out a plan even with no clients, she took a leap of faith and went to Australia herself to make this goal happen. With many great actors in this movie like Victoria Justice and Max (Adam Demos) actor from the hit show “ Sex Life” on Netflix this movie had alot of funny cute moments also some cheesing moments and lastly some moments where you are looking at both Victoria and Adam and your yelling at your tv just kiss! Definitely what a love story is supposed to be. 

Victoria Justice is known from her hit shows on Nickelodeon Zoey 101, Victorious and many other films and television shows, and for Victoria Justice to still be that corny, funny and cute girl you remember her from the Nickelodeon shows to bring that alife on this film was awesome. Adam Demos whose known for being the Star, the sexy man, the bad boy on his hit Netflix series “Sex life” was totally different in this movie which was also nice to see. Adam was more Gentlemen-like and respectful and also a country boy in this film. 

If you are looking to watch a cute love inspiration movie the Perfect Pairing is for you. In a Twitter Pole Decider that helps movie fans figure out what they want to watch when they can’t decide. Decider put a pole asking “will you stream or skip the romantic comedy #APerfectParing on Netflix? Out of 212 votes 55% of fans said ‘stream it’! And 16% of fans said ‘skip it’! Before starting this film grab some wine, sit down and relax and if anything you might like wine more after this movie. Overall it was a Perfe

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