The streak continues: Huskies improve 5-0

By Luis Diaz

Incredible teamwork from the Huskies Women’s volleyball team gave them their fifth win against Cerritos College. 

The Huskies are now 1-0 in their conference and 7-1 overall.      

Teamwork was the key to winning this conference match as the Huskies stayed composed and unified to take this massive victory on Thursday. 

During the first set both teams came out aggressive but the Huskies stayed locked and loaded which ended in a very tight score 25-22. 

Cerritos didn’t look good in the second set, in which the Huskies took advantage of all the mistakes Cerritos made and turned them into points. 

The Huskies Head Coach  Elliott Walker kept the team very composed. From the sideline, he made sure that even though the team was winning, they should not let their guard down. 

The set ended 25-15. Cerritos would not let the game end with a sweep. 

The Falcons fought to stay alive in the third set. The Huskies wanted to get the sweep but the falcons just kept making incredible plays, which led them to win the third set 25-22. 

Cerritos’ head coach fired up the team and forced a fourth set. 

The situation for The Huskies in the fourth set was to end the game here. 

The Falcons winning the third set lit up a fire in the Huskies’ team and didn’t make them lose focus. 

The Huskies dominated the Falcons like in the second set and took advantage of the mistakes Cerritos were making. 

Cerritos collapsed quickly on the defense. An easy task for The Huskies ended the fourth and final set 25-15. 

The Huskies continue their winning streak and had an excellent start to the season. 

The Huskies Women’s Volleyball team will face Long Beach, tomorrow at 6 p.m. 

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