More than a dozen clubs kick off club rush week virtually

By Steven Adamo

Club leaders gathered virtually Monday to share details about the different clubs on campus during Club Rush Week. 

Presented by the Inter-Club Council, ASU president Steven Gallegos introduced more than a dozen club leaders including the Students For Political Awareness, Cycling, Architecture, Students Against Substance Abuse and sociology clubs. 

“You don’t need a fancy bike,” said Jason Wang of the Cycling Club. Athlete or amateur, Wang said that this recreational club on campus is open to students who have a bike and enjoy riding it. 

Meetings also include discussions on subjects important to cyclists, like the unsafe nature cyclists face on many of the local streets. 

Jonathan Diaz and Gianfranco Abrego-Garcia of the Huskies Computer Club said in their presentation that the computer club is a lot more than talking about coding and setting up servers, which they are working on. Small, inexpensive computers called Arduinos are also experimented with. 

Diaz and Abrego-Garcia explained how Arduinos could bridge the gap between departments, like building and programming robots with the Technology department. The Computer Club meets Thursdays and Fridays between 6 and 8 p.m. at E7-310. 

Simulating the United Nations General Assembly and other specialized UN committees, the Model UN Club uses role-play to learn, discuss and debate current global issues. 

Members Kelly Velasquez and Carla Rascon were present at the Club Rush along with their adviser Frank Lozano. Velasquez said that she has made many friends at the club during their participation in the Model UN conferences around Southern California. 

Though many ELAC cheerleaders are in the club, Ruth Rojas of the ELAC Pep Squad Club said it is not a requirement to join. 

Rojas said that the club gives an inside view of the work involved in the sport of cheerleading, as well as a way for students to express their school spirit. 

After having hybrid-meetings last semester, the ELAC Students For Political Awareness and Advocacy club announced they were excited to meet in person this semester. 

Club member Adonia Burciaga said that they offer a safe space to discuss political topics on campus. Burciaga said one goal of the club is to link with other organizations on campus and in the community. The ESPAA will meet Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at F7-217. 

The ELAC Pathway to Law School club is also a transfer program on campus. Lily from the club shared a list of affiliated colleges including University of California, Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, all aimed at current ELAC law students transferring to these colleges. 

Students interested in the law pertaining to civil rights, environmental justice, immigration reform and gender equality are encouraged to join by emailing 

Club Rush Week continues today at the South Gate campus from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the lobby. 

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