Newsom rejects bill for students

By Leonardo Cervantes

Governor Gavin Newsom made the wrong decision in rejecting Assembly 1919 which provided for free student public transit. 

Newsom’s decision will impact thousands of students trying to get by in life.

 Assembly Bill-1919 would have included students in K-12 school districts. 

It would also include students enrolled in state community colleges, California State Universities, and University of California systems.

 Students would have been able to access any bus or rail service available without limits. 

Newsom decided for whatever reason it wasn’t a necessary bill to pass.

California is an over-populated state with traffic seemingly running rampant throughout the entire day.

 The way some people view public transportation gives a negative stigma around it. It is seen as being over-crowded and dirty. 

Some see it as demeaning to ride in, especially those that have access to vehicles. 

However, most that ride public transportation don’t have an alternative way to get around the city. 

While a metro bus ticket is only $1.75, this money adds up quickly. 

This is especially true for people who have to buy a ticket to and from their destination.

 Many college students are struggling financially; this is just another obstacle that they have to overcome. 

Just like college students, children that are in high school and those students that don’t have a job still rely on their parents for financial problems.

 All the money students save with free transpit could be better applied. 

The money they waste daily could go to better their food, housing or educational situation or other weekly needs. 

Walking isn’t an alternative in Los Angeles. There is far too much ground to cover to reach any destination. 

Riding a bike is also a tiring exercise, especially if your destination is over 20 minutes away. 

Frankly, Angelinos don’t want to be sweaty arriving at their destination every day, and some have never learned how to ride a bike.

 If free transport is unlikely, then there are options. Riding public transportation should be seen as an easy alternative for Angelinos and a non-financial dent to their pockets. 

A metro pass for students K-12 would cost $24 dollars a month.

 While it should be free, this fee could be cut in half to $12, which would make it slightly more than a combo meal at Mcdonalds. This would save students hundreds of dollars yearly.

Newsom’s decision impacts many student families, but especially those that come from low-income households.

 This would have been an opportunity for those that don’t have  strong financial stability to save plenty of money monthly.  

That saved money could have gone toward a student’s education, like buying an extra book or taking an extra tutoring session online.

Many programs were put in place during the peak of the pandemic in order to provide free transportation for all. 

It showed people that free public tansit was possible. It should be free again for students, as they are the future of this state and will propel it to new heights.

 The pandemic impacted everyone’s life and it still impacts hundreds even if the news doesn’t highlight the deaths as it did at the beginning of the pandemic.

 Many families are still feeling the remnants of the pandemic, as they perhaps lost a family member or were jobless for a large portion of the year. 

Public transportation fees cut into their daily and weekly budget. 

Providing free public transport would go a long way in helping these families.

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