Clubs on hunt to recruit students during rush

By Luis Diaz

The Fall 2022 club rush focused on helping East Los Angeles College students gain opportunities, scholastic information and friendships. 

 More than a dozen clubs set out to recruit students and informed them about what each club has to offer. 

From the Automotive Club to the Puente Club, each club provides benefits that can help students gain new skills, connections and resources. 

Club rush week offered incoming freshmen and returning students the chance to expand their college experience by meeting new people and learning about the organizations ELAC has to offer. 

Each club offered browsing students a variety of ways of getting information about the clubs.

Most of the clubs that attended gave students the opportunity to find passions in different areas. 

The Architecture Club offered a fun and social environment for non-architecture students. The club also has possible tours during the semester. The Architecture Club meets every other Wednesday. 

An important club that can help freshmen and sophomores work toward the goal of transferring is the Puente Club. 

The Puente Club offers help to students who need guidance transfering to a four-year university. 

“We’re a club that basically helps with the whole transfer process. We have different scholarships. We help with PIQs (Personal Insight Questions). We have different alumni that come and help the students, and kind of tell them how they got there. It’s a very motivational type of thing,” club member Clementine Magdaleno said.

Mental health has become an important topic for students. The Psychology Club offers mental health help and support for students who are feeling overwhelmed. 

“We are a community of individuals who are intrigued to learn different types of psychology and networking… expanding on different programs for mental health, and you don’t need to be a psych major to join,” club member Christine Cruz said. 

The club rush event was filled with different activities for students to engage in. Club rush helps students socialize and meet new people with similar interests. There was a little bit of everything for everyone.

“I never paid attention to the club rush until now. I see a lot of variety and many things ELAC can offer when it comes to clubs,” ELAC student Mariaccelia Rodales said. 

Veterans also have the doors open at ELAC for veterans who might find themselves needing help to get an education. 

“The Veteran Club offers help with G.I. Bill benefits, resources and camaraderie between students who are military associated,” club member Eddie Para said. 

Some students went to find a club that can help them get out of their comfort zone and teach them skills they can apply to their everyday lives. 

“The Automotive Club can really help me learn skills on how to be able to do some repairs to my car… It’s something different and looks very exciting to join,” ELAC student Juan Cruz said.     

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