Cuban-Spanish actress proving she’s one of the best

By Beatriz Garay

Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas is making her impact in Hollywood and showing that she is not afraid of taking big risks. 

She has starred alongside numerous A-listers such as Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Daniel Craig. She may not have the same prestigious background that most famous actors have within Hollywood, but she stood her ground in the entertainment industry to show that she is someone not to take lightly. 

 De Armas took her time in pursuing the right kind of opportunities that would enable her to show off her skills, and get her the chance to really flesh out her film characters as a means to  show the audience that she really puts in a lot of effort into her performances. 

This can be due to how not many actors of Hispanic descent are within the entertainment industry, and de Armas sees this as a chance to break that idea. 

An example of her acting would be greatly represented in the recently released film called “Blonde,” which depicts the trauma and pain that Marilyn Monroe endured in her lifetime. 

De Armas takes this role to a new level in which she was able to greatly display her skills in ranging her emotions from ecstatic happiness, to crippling depression, to fully capture the moments that made Marilyn Monroe the woman she was during her lifetime. 

De Armas channeled a lot of effort of her own personal pains into playing Monroe, as she shared several parallels in coming up from nowhere with little in her name. 

By using these characteristics in her acting process, she was able to provide a fresh but realistic portrayal of the things that Marylin had to do to gain the publicity she needed to keep on living. 

Even though there’s people who may disagree with her performance in the film because of her Cuban accent sometimes coming out , many still believe she did exceptionally well. 

It may be often said that inclusion of other performers based on different backgrounds is a must due to those who create the story. 

But in reality, it’s a must as it provides an opportunity for  people with unique traits to represent the groups they came from as it’s a part of their person. 

Performers such as de Armas should be encouraged to push against the negative aspects against people who look different from “regular people” and enable them the chance to make a great impact on the industry and their families. 

It just takes a leap of faith on what could be the greatest choice one can 

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