Metro Go Pass available to all community colleges in Los Angeles County

By Soleil Cardenas

Metro expanded its GoPass program from the Los Angeles Community College District to all community colleges of Los Angeles county. 

Metro received a $1 million  federal grant allowing the expansion. Senator Dianne Feinstein announced the grant from Congress that was secured by the LACCD and extended to Metro. 

The GoPass program will expand from just nine LACCD colleges to approximately 21 community colleges located in LA county. 

The Los Angeles Almanac provides information that approximately 582,287 students enrolled for classes last year throughout all the LA county community colleges. The LACCD enrollment consisted of approximately 220,986 students. 

The amount of students now eligible for the GoPass program will nearly triple. 

Hundreds of thousands of students will now be able to ride public transportation for free, if they decide to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Before the GoPass program students would spend up to $160 a semester on a Metro U-Pass. 

In an interview with LA Metro Mayor Eric Garcetti said “The costs of transportation should never stand between our students and opportunity.”

Garcetti said, “Our community colleges are gateways to prosperity for Angelenos in every zip code and thanks to this grant from Senator Feinstein, Metro can keep doing its part to make sure nothing keeps our students from chasing their dreams.”

Metro’s GoPass program was introduced last December and was first available to Los Angeles Community College. 

Metro’s goal was to increase students’ access to a higher education. 

The program allows students of participating K-12 schools and community colleges to ride Metro buses and trains and other participating transit systems for free. Metro has 13 transit partners that participate in the GoPass program.  

Students need to have a registered TAP card in order to ride for free. Students can pick up a new GoPass TAP card from their participating school. 

After picking up a brand new card, students will need to register the TAP card online at or students can call 866.TAPTOGO. If a card is not registered it will not work when trying to board transit for free. 

Students should wait 4 hours after registering their TAP card before use and must use their card within 30 days of registering. If the TAP card is not used within 30 days it will not be activated. 

The TAP card allows students free transit to and from school. Students who previously had to worry about how they would get to school will have that worry erased.

Not only can students travel to and from school, but students are able to make trips anywhere they’d like after school and on the weekends. 

Students who have not yet gotten a TAP card can visit the East Los Angeles College Fiscal Office for more information. 

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