Changes to ‘Overwatch 2’ make it a must play for brand new, returning pages

By Juan Calvillo

Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch 2” is a team based shooter with enhanced sound effects, visuals and character gameplay that are bound to emulate the original games addictive tendencies. 

Despite a DDoS attack that slowed access to the online game’s services during the first few days of it’s launch, and some character ability glitches that have been found over the last week since release, the game experience seems to have stabilized for the most part.

“Overwatch 2” takes the formula its predecessor used and manages to reinvigorate the franchise by providing some much needed quality of life improvements and character gameplay tweaks. It’s these new aspects that make the game fun to play again. 

When it comes to this franchise, gamers have questioned, in online forums if “Overwatch” really needed a totally new game.

“Overwatch 2” is, with all that has changed in the game, a new title. The sequel is out in the wilds for gamers to play, enjoy and in some instances, fall in and out of love with.

 The changes in quality of life have made the game much more streamlined and making things easier to get done. 

Quality of life changes are changes that make life easier for gamers to accomplish tasks, use abilities and access all the things that make up the user experience of “Overwatch 2.”

The game has three different roles for players to choose from. 

Tanks are a defensive type character made to take the brunt of damage from enemies.

DPS are characters that deal damage per second damage to enemy players.

Support characters are characters that buff and heal other player characters during gameplay sessions.

In “Overwatch,” support characters had to either look for health packets, which healed player damage, or the character had to rely on an ability from another Support character to heal their damage. 

In “Overwatch 2,” this has been changed by giving each support character a regenerative ability that heals them. The ability is triggered a moment after the player has stopped taking damage. 

Other quality of life changes include, character abilities being changed to better address their character role to smaller changes like players being informed about which player recieved commendations at the end of a match.

Another interesting quality of life update are the changes to the user interface. One example is the tabbed interface for challenges and other activities the game has included for players toaccomplish during matches. 

The visuals and sound of “Overwatch 2” are fun to take in. Characters have been redesigned with more attention to detail. The character models look sharper, and give players a new perspective on their favorite characters. 

Maps for matches have seen interesting changes, with classic maps looking more detailed and new maps showing style options not seen before in “Overwatch.” 

 The core of the game is relatively unchanged, and everything that has been added will make veterans of the franchise thrilled. 

Newcomers to the franchise will find an interesting and supportive game to play.

 “Overwatch 2” is inviting to all levels of gamer interest, and its myriad of positive changes makes it a must play. The game is available on all major platforms and is free to download now.

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