HBO’s Spanish horror comedy bursts with laughs

By Brenda De La Cruz

“Los Espookys” returns to the screen with season two and does not disappoint. The second season of “Los Espookys” returns with the usual awkward jokes and hilarious lines its first season was known for.

The show does a great job at telling each character’s personal dilemmas in the most outrageous and goofy ways. The show continues to follow a group of close friends: Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), Ursula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), Andres (Julio Torres) and Tati (Ana Fabrega.) 

The foursome all share their love and passion for horror and use this hobby to help others in their spooky needs. 

Random people reach out to the group for help with their problems, then strange and funny adventures ensue. The type of jokes and situations these friends get into are cheesy enough that viewers won’t help but laugh.

Season two follows up on the previous season’s storyline where Ursula is being sought after by a mysterious, and possibly dangerous news network. 

Tati continues to be the ditzy girl who is searching for her purpose in  her life, whether it be by controlling the hands of a town clock or marrying a gay millionare. 

Andres is still trying to figure out how to live without his inherited riches. And Renaldo never stops pursuing his love for making horror a full-time job. 

The graphics used by the group of friends are so purposely tacky and obviously cheap and fake that the comedy comes from the groups silly idea. 

Each character, specifically Tati and Andres, say the most outlandish things. This in turn makes what they say, sound so unreal and unbelievable. 

“Los Espookys” episodes give half an hour of stress-free, silly jokes. Viewers can’t help but wonder what each character does next. 

The show, mostly filmed in Chile, had to take a long and unexpected break from filming due to COVID. This breaks account for the three year gap between seasons. 

The show is written by Fred Armisen, who is known for small roles in “Anchorman” and “Easy ‘A’,” Fabrega and Torres. 

“Los Espookys” airs every week on HBO Max and is mostly in Spanish, with each episode running for approximately 30 minutes.

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