Theater Department scores with ‘Enfrascada’ play

By Luis Diaz

East Los Angeles College’s Theater Department debuted “Enfrascada” by Tanya Saracho. “Enfrascada” is the story about a woman who is going through a heartbreak and is desperate to do the impossible to get her fiance back. 

The play puts the audience in the perspective of a woman and and how events affect women mentally. “Enfrascada” has an all women Latinx cast. 

The play brings attention to topics such as domestic abuse, mental abuse and encourges women to use their voice to stand up to certain topics that aren’t really talked about. 

“Enfrascada” becomes very personal play  for Latinos, because it features elements that the Latin community can relate to. 

From the music to the scenery, many people will find something that reminds them of their current life or their childhood.

The play begins with Alicia, Yessenia and Carolina going on a trip to Wisconsin. Alicia and the girls decide to spend the night in Wisconsin. Alicia calls her fiance Diego to find out that another woman is answering the home phone and the adventure begins  from there. 

Stella Ramirez gives an outstanding performance as Alicia as she takes the audience in a journey of desperation. Alicia becomes very desperate for answers and she questions how long Diego has been cheating. 

Throughout the entire play Ramirez dives deep into character and shines bright in every scene Ramirez really shows her acting prowess when Alicia tries different ways to get her fiance back. Ramirez makes the audience see how tough a heartbreak is from the perspective of a woman. 

Jezmarie Viramontes who plays the role of Carolina does an amazing job as Alicia’s emotional support. She brings comedic energy to the play which makes it funny as she tries to cheer Alicia through the difficult time she is going through. 

Alexa Mora, who plays Yesenia, is brilliant as the friend who is tough and cheers up Alicia by telling her that she shouldn’t look back and move on. 

The aggressiveness from Yesenia really helps Alicia realize that she shouldn’t be going through the whole mess of trying brujeria and different rituals to get Diego back. 

Throughout the play, Alicia’s journey is a rollercoaster of emotions as she tries to face the reality of losing Diego to someone else. Alica goes as far as to steal a pair of dirty underwear to do a ritual to get him back. 

Alicia pushes beyond the limit of how far she is actually willing to go for someone who doesn’t even want her anymore. 

Osiris Martinez as Lulu really brings an interesting perspective to how Alicia’s situation is going through. 

In a way, Lulu speaks about the situation based on knowledge in contrast where Yesenia and Carolina speak from feelings. Martinez brings a balance to the group and in between scene changes, she gives an explanation how to approach things acting like a conscience. 

“Enfrascada” is a very impactful play, especially with what’s been going on in recent years with the “Me Too” movement and other injustice things that women have been through. 

It offers the perspective of a woman going through a difficult heartbreak which an audience can relate to. 

Seeing how Alicia is willing to do anything for her fiance hurts. “This play is very important because everyone gets heartbroken and everyone deals with it differently. 

This is a fun adventure of these girls and what they go through and how they handle it together,” Viramontes said.  

This play brings transparency to couples and to men by showing the perspective of how women deal with heartbreak and the emotional damage. 

“I feel the play can make an impact on the community and on ELAC because we can see a show with Latinx women and give them an opportunity to give them a voice and show amazing theater for ELAC,” Ramiro Segovia Director said.

“Enfrascada” will have its last four shows this weekend in the P2 Black Box Theater. Tickets can be purchased through the ELAC Theater website or at the front door for $10.

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