South Gate enrollment fair

By Luis Diaz

Various programs, including NEXT up program which focuses on foster youths, were present at the South Gate Educational Center’s enrollment fair Wednesday. 

The enrollment fair is a great opportunity for incoming students to get help to enroll in classes and to have the opportunity to apply for financial aid and see what other programs are offered at ELAC. 

NEXT up is a foster youth program that offers help for students 14 and older. 

“Work hard, Focus, Meet with counselor,” Anna Ruizayala, NEXT up staff member, said.

ELAC offers about 30 transferable degrees from Administration of Justice to Theater Arts. 

The enrollment fair also gave students an opportunity to meet staff and allows them to get a feeling for enrolling for classes in a college environment. 

“The South Gate Campus gives an opportunity to the people in the community to get an education” Al Rios, Dean at the South Gate Educational Center, said. 

One of the programs present at the enrollment fair was NEXT up.  

“Monterey Park is here to support South Gate students [and] to bring the services we offer. 

“Today we have the first year experience and college promise. We are checking in students and helping them through challenges when enrolling” Rosalba Villalobos, First Year Experience student service specialist, said. 

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