‘It Starts With Us’ exceeds expectations

By Annette Quijada

Colleen Hoover’s highly anticipated sequel to “It Ends With Us,” is  fan service in the best way.  “It Starts With Us” is what happy endings are made of.

Hoover starts right where she left readers at the end of the epilogue of the first book. A year after Lily Blooms split with her abusive husband Ryle Kincaid, she bumps into her first love, Atlas Corrigan. 

Blooms decides to give herself a second chance by saying yes when Atlas asks her out on a date. But as Blooms decides to open up her heart again she’s reminded that Ryle will always be in her life. Atlas is one man Ryle would hate being around her and their daughter. 

Reading Blooms growth and confidence is the most impactful part of the book. Even after a year of the events from “It Ends With Us,” Blooms’ fear of upsetting Ryle and suffering consequences of his anger is still very much alive. 

Her character is a mother before anything else. Her decisions are influenced by the knowledge that she must make them benefit herslef and her child. Blooms is supported by Atlas when making her decision. 

Throughout the story Hoover switches between Blooms and Atlas’ point of view, which is a big selling point for fans who were left wanting to see more of Atlas after the first book. 

Readers get a glimpse into more of Atlas’ hurtful past and a new insight into what lies for him in the future. Atlas will definitely go down as one of the best book boyfriends in the history of romance novels. 

From feeling butterflies between Blooms and Atlas, to wishing ill upon Ryle every time he makes an appearance, “It Starts With Us,” makes readers feel every emotion.

While the book wasn’t as heart wrenching as the first one, it’ll make hearts melt. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a romance story not end in heartbreak.

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