Day of the Dead event celebrated all week

By Luis Diaz

The Associated Student Union held the Day of the Dead celebration all week with a ceremony Tuesday.

 An altar was set up in the cafeteria and was open to all students to participate. 

Students had the chance to write the name of a loved one who passed and post it on the altar. 

The day of the dead celebrates the lives of the dead and ensures that these traditions are passed to the next generation.

 The ceremony started in the quad area and dancers started off the ceremony by summoning their ancestors through dancing. 

The ceremony attracted many people as the sound of the drums vibrated throughout the campus.  

This ceremony gave an idea to students of the traditions that are done during the day of the dead, from the dances to the way these dancers dressed. 

Lead dancer Freddy Chavez said, “These traditions should be passed down to the next generation, so they see the traditions that come from our ancestors.” 

The altar is made of elements that are special to the people who have passed. 

Pictures of loved ones, many foods and items that were special to the person. 

The event was filled with vivid colors. Marigold flowers are an essential element for the day of the dead, as they symbolize the brevity of life.  

The environment was very joyful as the music from the dancers was very catchy and authentic. 

The ASU club provided tamales and refreshments. 

The tamale plays an important role as it’s serving as a host for the visiting spirits.

 This event is influential to the Latin community because it reflects their culture and family identity. 

Day of the Dead is a celebration to the people who have passed, whether they be  a friend or family member.  

“This is about coming together and being able to celebrate everyone who has passed on. The fact that we are here to celebrate is good, we can celebrate each other and every other culture,” said ASU president Steven Gallegos. 

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