Disappointing loss for volleyball team

By Stephany Garcia

The volleyball team faced Rio Hondo on Friday night. 

The Volleyball team has an overall score of nine wins and nine losses. The game began and tension rose. Rio Hondo was leading most of the game. 

ELAC was not too far behind in points. 

ELAC was communicating well with one another due to how much digs they got on the first set.

The setter number five hustled for the ball when the pass was not accurate and had no problem calling for help from her teammates. Daniela Sanchez who is number one in ELAC had the most digs in the game. She had a total 17 digs and Nadine Oronoz, number seven only had one less dig than she did. 

The Huskies were fighting hard and did not give away any points regardless of their mistakes.

Number four who is Faith Eada has twenty five aces out of the three sets. 

Followed by Daisy Macias following in seconds with eleven aces. The all star hitter had a total of 12 kills which is extremely impressive. 

That player was Maria Bejines and she is number seven who had the most kills in Friday nights game.

Rio Hando won the first set with 25 points leaving ELAC with 21 points. 

ELAC lost the first set by four points but this made me try harder for the following set. 

Rio Hondo is a team who hustled for the ball just like ELAC which is what made this game really competitive.

As the second set came to an end, Rio Hondo won that set at 25 points leading ELAC with 17 final points. 

Although miscommunication happens during games the Huskies did not put their head down for the third set. 

They started the game strong and fought for the kill and reached for many blocks. 

In the third set ELAC lost once again leaving Rio Hondo at 25 points and ELAC with 21 final points. 

The volleyball team played a good game and the final score resulted in them losing three sets and Rio Hando took the win of the night.

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