Last Chance U: Basketball returning for second season

By Brenda De La Cruz

The second season of “Last Chance U: Basketball” will return to Netflix in December and continues following the men’s basketball team and head coach John Mosley. 

With most of last season’s players having graduated or are  playing professionally, season two of “Last Chance U: Basketball” will focus on a new group of freshman athletes. 

Coach Mosley said viewers can expect a younger team. This is in contrast to last years players who were seasoned and returners.

 Last season’s show highlighted more issues the players were able to overcome, while this season will showcase players going through some learning curves. 

Mosley made it clear that success and obstacles are present for the team, cameras on or not. 

In season one, viewers see a lot of heartbreak and life obstacles affect the men’s basketball  players. 

Mosley said being featured on Netflix while experiencing life issues helped the young athletes who really needed the support. “For people to see their story and understand them and appreciate them, it’s helped them. 

They came out of those obstacles and it helped them keep going. “People showing them love and support. But we gotta remember it’s just fifteen minutes. 

“It comes and goes. People  like you one season and may not like you the next. 

These players may get more praise or criticism than they deserve, but always remember to do the work despite the cameras,” Mosley said. 

Season one of the show makes it clear how much Mosley cares about his players and how much he does to ensure they have the support they need to succeed on and off the court.  

When asked how having a positive and caring male role-model may impact his players, Mosely said, “People can easily say they feel bad for someone and they want to help, but unless you live those burdens with them you won’t know. 

“Sometimes they tell me their struggles and I may not have the time at that moment to help, but I always try to come back to it. 

“If a student is having financial issues, we don’t just tell them where to go. We [coaching staff] walk them through the process. Otherwise, what are we here for? 

“If you really want to help, it’s beyond the paycheck. It’s beyond the hours. 

“I may have to spend extra time mentoring on weekends or more. I wont ask everyone else to do it, but its just what I do. I’m just passionate about (other) people. You cant be a family unless you know what’s going on. If the players want to have success, they’re going to need each other. It’s a team and as long as they have each other, they have a family.”

 Mosley credited the team for Netflix’s interest to begin with. 

The men’s basketball team had four conference championships in a row. 

By the end of the show’s first season, they would have won their fifth-straight South Coast Conference-North title.  

According to Mosley, the exposure from the show actually brought some hate and jealousy from other schools. 

Overall, Coach Mosley felt it brought both good and bad, because the team took a risk.  

“I took a risk letting cameras into my home. I’ve turned down at least 80% of opportunities because it’s not always about money. If you dive into it for money, then that’s what you are. If it’s really about helping people, then I’ll feel good and do it. “If I did it for the money, I’d lose the connection I have with my players and the sport,” Mosley said. 

This is Coach Mosley’s 11h season as head coach for the men’s basketball team. Netflix’s “Last Chance U: Basketball” will air December 13.

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