Water polo can’t break losing streak

By Oscar Martines

The women’s water polo team continued their losing streak in a 23-1 defeat against Long Beach City College. 

The game, held at El Camino College, saw the Long Beach City College dominate ELAC throughout all four quarters. 

Long Beach managed to get 34 shot attempts while the Huskies were only to attempt 14  shots.

One shot attempt after another would fly past the Huskies keeper, although she was able to make three saves during this quarter. 

One Long Beach play even saw their first attempt hit the top crossbar, and after recovering the ball, their second attempt would be saved. 

Long Beach City College had a hot start and never let up, providing great teamwork both in offense and defense. The Huskies had zero shot attempts in the first quarter. 

The second quarter saw an ELAC team that performed better defensively, although they once again were unable to attempt any shots. Long Beach City College would have five shot attempts that were rewarded with three goals for them. 

The first two attempts for Long Beach in this quarter resulted in goals. 

Their third attempt saw their shot go over the crossbar. Their next attempt at goal saw another great save by the Huskies keeper. 

Before the half ended, Long Beach would rack up one more shot that ended up behind the net for a goal.

By the end of the half, the score was 12-0 in favor of Long Beach City College. Although the Huskies were able to prevent more shots from happening, they struggled to find any open passes to each other every time they had the ball. 

Their hesitation to find any open player was due to the great defensive pressure made by Long Beach. The third quarter saw the Huskies finally opening up offensively and that allowed them to find their first shot attempts of the game. 

Meanwhile, Long Beach City College were allowed to make eight shot attempts and scored six goals.

Two very early goals from Long Beach were followed up by two great saves by the Huskies keeper, including a very well thrown shot that had lots of power in it be held by the keeper right on the line of goal. The Huskies’ closest opportunity at goal came when their fifth shot of the quarter saw the ball hit the crossbar.

The score was 18-0 at the end of the third quarter. This quarter saw the Huskies open with a very strong start that died down as the quarter progressed.  

They were able to respond to Long Beach’s eight shot attempts by having seven of their own. Although Long Beach scored five goals, the Huskies were determined to find a soultion for a comeback. After Long Beach scored the first two goals of the quarter, the Huskies saw their first goal of the game dashed away from them as their attempt once again hit the crossbar. 

After this play, Long Beach would then score another two goals. The Huskies would finally find their first and only goal of the game.

A beautifully thrown shot would prove too much for the Long Beach keeper. Long Beach would respond with one more goal to end the game. 

“I think we have a lot of improving to do. The good thing is we have a lot of returns, we only lose two sophomores. Everyone that played today, more than half the team has never played water polo before,”  head coach Kimberly Diana Romero, said after the game. 

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