Musk makes a muck of Twitter with pay-to-verify plan

By Leonardo Cervantes

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been an unmitigated disaster. The acquisition has had a tumultuous start under Musk’s leadership. 

The disaster was predictable from the way he approached the application and the changes he planned to make before even purchasing the platform. It’s clear Musk doesn’t have a clear direction with the application. His act of buying it almost feels like an impulse purchase. 

While fake news became common rhetoric used by former President Trump, with the new Twitter it ‘s become the norm. This is due to the increase in parody accounts.

Musk introduced Twitter Blue  to the U.S. on Nov. 9. Twitter Blue gives users the ability to edit tweets, categorize bookmarks but most importantly puts a small checkmark next to the users names for $7.99 a month. 

Prior to this, subscription only people with verified presence and celebrities were given checkmarks. Essentially, check marks were a way to verify the user’s account was authentic and not a prank. 

Users started purchasing Twitter Blue and quickly began impersonating some of the most famous celebrities and companies imaginable. Users began impersonating famous athletes like LeBron James. They then asked to be traded. Some started impersonating politicians and started saying vile things. 

To Twitter’s credit, those accounts only lasted a few hours before getting suspended for violating Twitter rules. 

Essentially, users bought Twitter blue for eight dollars just to troll, make fun of, people for an hour or two. 

Twitter banned accounts impersonating and deceiving people and even took down a few harmless parody accounts.

To combat impersonating issues, Twitter implemented an “official” label that can be seen under some verified accounts. 

Not many accounts have the official badge, for example the artist, The Weeknd has an official badge as well as Youtube. Many other accounts like Justin Timberlake’s do not. 

As of  Friday, Twitter has suspended Twitter Blue. Subscriptions and paid-for verification blue check marks are no longer available due to impersonation issues. 

While users won’t be able to buy a badge to impersonate public figures, those that previously bought Twitter Blue will still have their few hours to shine until they get suspended. 

Musk told Twitter employees he’s not sure of the company’s future and bankruptcy isn’t out of the question. 

Yoel Roth, the head of Trust and safety, and Robin Wheeler, who led a call with advertisers regarding Twitter ad space, had issues with Roth leaving Twitter. 

In a matter of days, Musk’s decision caused chaos and the deception of the masses while leading two prominent members to opt out of the company. 

There is uncertainty as Wheeler has been convinced to stay, but Roth is definitely gone.

Every social media platform has its rise to prominence and downfall. It happened with Myspace, Facebook and even Instagram to some degree. 

Twitter seems to be the only social media platform that has continued to thrive over the years. Breaking world and sports news seems to always begin on Twitter. 

However, under Musk’s inept, short leadership, the end of Twitter might be at hand.

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