College campus have safe space for LGTBQ+ community

By David Uribe

The LGBTQ+ center provides aid and a welcoming atmosphere for all LGBTQ+ students and individuals.

East Los Angeles College is one of the many college campuses that have created centers. 

ELAC’s center has provided many resources and aid to students who are gay, bi, lesbian and transgender. These centers have proven exceptional at helping those individuals.  

What the LGBTQ+ center strives to do at ELAC is to create a safe supportive space on campus for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff.

 Its focus is on building a more visible inclusive network among allies and LGBTQ+ community members themselves. 

The center offers resources that help share information on common challenges and best practices for LGBTQ+ scholars.

 It has also increased programming and events held for individuals and the overall LGBTQ+ community. Creating a secure and accepting environment is crucial, and using pronouns is one method to ensure that LGBTQ+ community members feel included. 

ELAC even says that pronouns matter here. Pronoun knowledge is equally as crucial for communicating with others as much as name knowledge.

 Failing to pay attention to someone’s pronouns might cause communication issues.

 Inaccurate information might be annoying or affect a person’s willingness to converse. Using pronouns makes it evident that people value and respect others. 

It is possible to create a culture of care that supports a more welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ+ persons.

This can be accomplished by asking, providing and using everyone’s pronouns as the norm. 

A person uses the pronouns that are most secure and reassuring to them. 

The 2020 National Survey by The Trevor Project found that one in four young people, (ages 13 to 24), use pronouns other than he/him or she/her. 

For young people who identify as transgender or nonbinary, using the proper name and pronouns is a straightforward show of support. 

College campuses are locations where LGBTQ+ can discover many activities and services that help them develop into their full selves and connect to a community that has dealt with the similar concerns.

 Students who are questioing their identities can feel the tolerance that a center provides on any given campus. 

Students can discover accepting classmates, understanding teachers, and even mentors who can motivate you to live your truth. 

Of course, not all college campuses are inclusive. Some campuses still have prejudices like homophobia, transphobia, and others. 

It’s crucial to know what you want to get out of college, conduct your homework, and select a school that suits you. 

ELAC even offers gender neutral restrooms for those that want it. 

ELAC is one of the first Los Angeles Community Colleges to raise the pride flag as a sign of solidarity with LGBTQ+ students.

ELAC has a LGBTQ+ center located at F5 building 204. 

The center is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lynn Wood is the LGBTQ+ resource coordinator at the center.

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