‘God of War Ragnarok’ lives up to expectations

By Leonardo Cervantes

In any form of media living up to the expectations of a prequel with a masterful rating is near impossible. Yet “God Of War Ragnarök” (GOWR) succeeded in every lofty expectation critics and fans had. “God of War Ragnarök” is the highly anticipated sequel to “God Of War” (2018). “God of War” was universally loved by casual gamers and long-time fans of the series. 

“God of War Ragnarök” had high expectations and it delivered. The prior game had no negatives. So it’s impressive how the new game somehow exceeded its predecessor. 

The campaign is extensive and more diverse than its predecessor. The campaign follows protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus and the new adventure they got themselves into by accidentally triggering a War. 

The combat feels improved from its prequel with new combat combinations along with fresh new weapons and armor. The graphics are breathtakingly beautiful and only add to the game. 

While the game contains a lot of gore and violence, players can take a break to witness the amazing details of “God of War Ragnarök.”

Several of the nine realms in-game are covered in snow due to Ragnarök but there are still many exquisite buildings to explore. 

Fans will love that Kratos isn’t nerfed by having his iconic Blades of Chaos stripped from him and being unusable until near the end of the “God of War” (2018) game. 

Instead, as soon as the first mission is available players can utilize Kratos Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos.

There has perhaps never been a better casing job than Christopher Judge as the voice of Kratos and he was exceptional yet again. Judge’s deep and menacing voice is fitting for Kratos who is portrayed as an invincible warrior. Judge always nails Kratos’s dry sense of humor and true lack of remorse for others when speaking which only adds to Kratos legacy.

Atreus is no longer a boy, instead he’s a curious and cocky teenager with more questions than Kratos wants to answer. Kratos and Atreus’ relationship dynamic feels organic and nothing is forced, as Kratos has begun to trust his son more and even allows him to lead the adventure. 

Fans will also enjoy how much more useful Atreus is as a companion. He’s gotten stronger and can hold his own against stronger enemies. 

“God of War Ragnarök” contains heavy norse mythology ideology so fans know what to expect. Although, there are just enough changes to keep fans on the edge of their seats. 

Many of the boss fights that were teased in the prequel game come to fruition and exceed the hype.

When players want to take a short break from all the gore they can solve the in-game puzzles. The developers again, made these rewards worthwhile as solving a puzzle indirectly leads to leveling up Kratos abilities and armor. 

Some puzzles require serious strategies that can take up to 10 minutes to solve. 

These are the most worthwhile as they usually leave players better rewards. Players are almost incentivized to explore the realms before continuing with the main story. 

It’s a genius idea from the game developers as players won’t be so eager to rush with the main story and instead though appreciate all of details for extensive rewards.

The only negative of the game is that it isn’t too welcoming for newer players. Since it’s a sequel, almost all of the players will be returning players that played the 2018 prequel.

 The game studio could have done a better job at incorporating the story and important details of its prequel. 

A game of this magnitude should have the option of retelling the most important chapters from its prequel. 

Living up to a game with lofty expectations isn’t easy but Santa Monica Studio did just that.

 They improved on a near perfect sequel by making the combat better and giving fans even more free-roam opportunities.

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