Theater department opens semester with schedule lineup

By S.Hennessy Machado-Hidalgo

The Theater Arts department offers many opportunities for students throughout upcoming shows, internships and mentorship this Spring 2023.

The department has two upcoming Spring 2023 shows:

April 14: “The Skin of Our Teeth” directed by James Buglewicz, adjunct faculty and producing director of ELAC’s Theater in the Community and ELAC Story Theatre. 

May 12: “The African Theater Company Presents Richard III” directed by Rodney Lloyd Scott, adjunct faculty.

“The Skin of Our Teeth” and “The African Theater Company Presents Richard III” will be performed live at the campus’ Black Box and Proscenium Theater. 

Auditions for these shows were held last semester. However, the department still hosts many opportunities for theater students this semester.

The department has organized March Mentor Month 2023. 

March Mentor Month 2023 will have workshops for film and television along with informational meetings for internship opportunities.

Two confirmed events for MMM 2023:

March 18: Center Theatre Group College and Career Fair

March 20: LA County Arts Commission informational meeting for paid internships

Center Theatre Group and ELAC Theater Arts department are official educational partners that work in collaboration to curate Mentor Month. 

CTG offers free tickets to their first preview performances to anyone under the age of 25.

LA County Arts Commision connects students to over 200 internships with some positions reserved for community college students in film, performing arts, music, literacy arts, social justice and municipal projects.

These internships will be announced this June through August.

Further details will be announced on the department’s official website and social media.

Faculty and staff said theater arts students should be sure they declared their major and fill out the survey in the To Do List section of the online student portal; a greater demand for theater arts means more funding. 

Funding helps maintain and elevate the quality of many programs on campus.

Students can find more opportunities to get involved with theater arts by joining the Performance East Club.

Abigail Valdez, co-manager of PEC’s social media, said anyone interested can join no matter their major. 

Valdez said PEC is an inclusive safe space great for socializing and informing students of volunteer opportunities at the theater.

Some volunteer opportunities involve working the snacks stand or ushering for live performances.

Specific dates, times and ticket sales will be announced on the department’s social media:





The Theater Arts Department hosts a variety of academic pathways for students to pursue based on their unique goals.

They offer an Associate of Arts degree (AA), Associate Degree to Transfer (AA-T), and certificates.

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