Workshop informs students of available campus support

By Beatriz Garay

The East Los Angeles Women Center and the college student health center showed students coping, college preparation and professional skills.

Madelin Melara, a therapist at ELAWC, hosted a spring 2023 survival workshop along with Daniela Herrera, a campus advocate and Naynay Kyin, a student health center coordinator. 

They provided tips on how students can overcome any emotions they might feel as a new semester begins, whether it’s their first or third year.

A coping skill that was discussed was emotion-focused coping. 

Emotion-focused coping is changing one’s emotions regarding a problem. 

Melara suggested keeping busy as another way to help keep the mind away from stressors. Students can seek emotional help, write, draw or express themselves in other ways.

Another coping skill is solution-focused coping. 

Solution-focused coping is finding a solution to a problem and having a better understanding of the problem. Some ways to do this is to analyze the situation, seek professional advice and develop self-discipline and control. 

Melara said this coping skill is used by those who can see how to change a problem and seek the best solution.

Melara said when students feel nervous about the new semester they should scope out where new classes are going to be held, visit the school adviser and find good places to study before the semester starts. 

She also said students should speak to professors when going through something emotionally, mentally or anything in general. 

She said doing these things will help with first day jitters and everything else will go smoothly. 

This workshop focused on survival tips for the spring semester. The presenters said there are other resources that students can use at any point during their time at ELAC.

The ELAWC and student health center help students who are economically challenged. 

They help with finding resources for students who might need help with housing, food or basic needs. 

They provide help for any one who might be going through abuse. They also help with any health concerns students might have. 

They help with anything a student might be going through and don’t know where to go. 

Melara and Herrera are on ELAC’s campus twice a week. 

Melara, Herrera, and Kyrin are all available to help guide students to all kinds of resources. Melara also provides therapy sessions for students who need it and Kyin works in the student health center and can help students with medical attention.

She said she is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can go in-person to the Student Health Center or call at (323) 265-8651.  Students who need to contact Kyin can reach her by email: or by phone (323) 267-3705. 

The Women’s and Men’s center is also available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12p.m. to 4p.m. The center is in F5-302R,

Students can reach Daniela Herrera by email at DHERRERA@ELAWC.ORG or by phone (323) 526-5819. 

Students can reach Madelin Melara by email at MMELARA@ELAWC.ORG. For help after hours students can call ELAWC confidential hotline (800) 585-6231.

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