Baseball team swings, misses against Pasadena

By Oscar Martines

The baseball team was dealt another tough defeat, falling against Pasadena City College in a 4-1 losing effort.

Huskies’ pitchers David Morales and Isaiah Ayala both had a rough evening, despite striking out a combined nine players throughout the game. 

The pitchers performed almost evenly for a combined 11 hits allowed, and each pitcher gave up two runs. 

The first four innings of the game ended scoreless; Morales struck out five Pasadena batters and only allowed three hits.

When Pasadena seemed to start picking up momentum, the Huskies prevented them from scoring any runs.

The Huskies batting was a completely different story. 

They managed to only get one hit from a combined 13 players a bat.

One of the highlights from the game was in the bottom of the second inning. 

A hit from second baseman Moises Nolasco was swiftly recovered and led to a double play that closed out the inning.

At the top of the fifth inning, Pasadena looked to score the first runs of the game after Morales allowed two players on bases. 

Pasadena catcher Matthew Delgado struck first with a 2 RBI single to left center field, opening the score in the game and giving Pasadena a 2-0 lead.

After the play, Morales retired from the game; he played 4.1 innings with five strikeouts, five hits and two allowed runs.

Pasadena right fielder Jakob Guardado arrived on the seventh inning to bat with bases loaded and an opportunity to claim a grand slam. 

Although Guardado was unable to hit a grand slam, he still connected with an RBI single to left field. This increased the Pasadena lead to 3-0.

The Huskies finally showed some signs of life by scoring their first run during the bottom of the seventh.

Huskies left fielder Alex Mendez took advantage of a player on base to hit an RBI triple to center field, which put the Huskies on the scoreboard and gave them their only run of the game with the score changing to 3-1.

Pasadena pitcher Kyle Noell’s game ended after this play. Noell played 6.1 innings, with two strikeouts, three hits and only one allowed run.

The top of the ninth inning  continued to demonstrate Pasadena’s dominance at bat. 

Pasadena first baseman Jake Trabbie—with the bases loaded—landed a hit to secure an RBI sacrifice to right field and increased Pasadena’s lead over the Huskies to 4-1.

Pasadena pitcher Rider Gardner, who came in for Noell during the bottom of the seventh, closed out the game only allowing one hit despite striking out one player.

The Huskies fall to a 2-10 record in the season.

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