Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Foundation help students boost creativity, well being

By Teresa Acosta

During the first in a series of three  workshops organized by the Bruce Lee Foundation, Shannon Lee, daughter of martial artist Bruce Lee, shared practices for bettering  the mind. 

Held in the Proscenium Theater on Wednesday, the workshop titled, “The Empty Cup: Quieting the Mind and Creating Space,” focused on tools used to help open the mind to improve creativity and well-being. 

Lee answered questions from the audience, all of which were focused on her father. She talked about what it was like growing up with him calling him playful and energetic with a huge sense of humor. 

“He was pretty regimented, if you can imagine, and he was very direct,” Lee said. 

The family would practice martial arts together at home. She listed her ever-changing favorite films of his including “Enter the Dragon” because it is the only movie that is not dubbed and includes her father’s voice. 

Lee said she has  a passion for her father’s teachings and ways of thinking. She reminded the audience that he was not perfect and that perfection is not what people should strive for.

 It is the continuous work of growing and self inquiry that should be the focus of the journey in life. She said her father spent as much time and energy working on his mental health as he did his physical health.

Attendees were invited on stage to participate in some of the exercises. They were asked to do deep breathing, journaling and affirmations. Lee said these exercises may not work for everyone and encouraged participants to use what works for them. 

She also said that although these exercises may not work now, perhaps in the future they may be useful when they are at different stages in their lives. 

The next workshop will be held on March 27 from 10:30 a.m. to noon and will focus on the tools and strategies for growth and wellness. For reservation deatils contact

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