Workshop urges students to learn time management

By Beatriz Garay

The First Year Experience encouraged students to manage their time in their Time Management workshop and introduced techniques to help balance their time. 

Leslie Arciniega, a student at East Los Angeles College, hosted the FYE event.

Arciniega has been through what many students deal with when it comes to learning how to  properly manage time on things, ranging from home life to student life. 

Arciniega knows well that sometimes one can’t always manage all things in life in the way one wants, but there are methods that can lessen the stress that comes with it and make life easier.  

The methods Arciniega described were quite basic but enlightening.Not many are informed about these when entering and attending a higher education institution, as they are left to their own devices. 

Some may not have the resources that others do with handling  how time consuming college can be when they first enter.

Arciniega also gave some ideas for students who want to try something new when it comes to preparing  for exams. 

She wants to ensure that students do not overexert themselves when studying, as stress during school time can greatly affect their  learning.

Arciniega presented a number of practices, including using a basic regular planner to keep track of all the things one needs to get done and not feel overwhelmed. A technique called the pomodoro technique was also introduced. The pomodoro technique involves studying for a certain amount of time and taking a break for about five minutes to prevent mental exhaustion. 

Arciniega encouraged  students to  take breaks from school and studies. It’s important to avoid mental and physical exhaustion from sitting on a chair in front of the computer. 

During the workshop, Arciniega mentioned a few methods she’s heard about from students at different colleges. One she finds to be quite effective is called the “active recall method.” 

This method is where students quiz themselves using flashcards that summarizes information they gained. 

This method helps students quiz themselves to see if they are able to become familiar with the information they learned. She mentioned that if students use this method over and over it will help them. 

The idea Arciniega wants to convey the most to students is that it is important to be aware of how time can be something that many can’t control. 

They should adapt in a way where they are not overwhelming themselves. She also spoke on how one needs to find a balance for themselves.

They can enjoy the time they want with their families while pursuing something that can give them a better life that they want. 

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